Ubisoft confirms that Michel Ancel isn’t working on Beyond Good and Evil 2

Tony Key, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ubisoft, confirms Michel Ancel is not currently working on Beyond Good and Evil 2.

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ShugaCane1219d ago

"“There’s just nothing to talk about right now. We don’t really have anything to say. We appreciate how much people really want it.”

..but we want to keep on milking Assassin's Creed instead of giving people what they've been asking for for years now.

-Foxtrot1219d ago

" We appreciate how much people really want it "

Clearly you don't

This along with Prince of Persia, a Rayman 3D game, a Pirate RPG game like the cancelled Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned and A new Driver would have been ages ago....but no you keep milking Assassins Creed hoping that the new one will reach AC2's popularity

davemyrose921218d ago

Uhhh when I hear of all those great amazing ips ubisoft could be making I freaking cringe, its sicking why they shouldn't be making all of them ahhhhh whyy keep making assassins Creed over and over and over

BlackIceJoe1218d ago

I hope Michael Ancel turns to Kickstarter, it worked for Shenmue III and I see no reason it can't work for this too. I do hope soon though he will start his own company. He is one of the best game directors at Ubisoft and they just don't let him do anything. So starting his own company will give him more options. Plus Id gladly Kickstart any new game he wants to make. We need more games from people like him than another Assasins Creed.

davemyrose921218d ago

Yes beyond good and evil 2 would hit 2 million in a day on kickstarter hell I'd contribute 100 just to see an amazing franchise live on')