Dear Xbox One Doubters - Don’t Underestimate ‘Gears of War’

Vice: It feels odd to say that you miss the sound a hideous cave-dwelling mutant makes as it lumbers to a sprint, but I can't deny a certain rosy glow on firing up the Xbox One's Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and stepping into the boots of a Locust Grub, for the first time in years.

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Genuine-User1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

I think demoing Gears 4 this early was a mistake. The whole reveal was sub-par, hardly anyone is talking about it.

LordMaim1402d ago

I don't know about that. Regardless of what was shown, you know that it will sell well for the platform. Gears is a bankable franchise, and will shift a lot of systems on release.

Genuine-User1402d ago

How is that relevant to what I said? :s

poppinslops1402d ago

I've never played a Gears of War game - the character design wasn't to my taste - but the new one actually looks like something I want to play... it seems darker and less 'dudebro' than the others.

And the weather fx were killer, with the way it intensified as the situation grew worse... old-school tension.

The only thing I didn't like was the 'fixed' camera... a game that pretty needs to be slow-panned.

tekksin1402d ago

Gears' attraction when it released was its looks since it used an engine that defined the earlier part of last gen and the fact that that gen had nothing to compete with. Now, there is insane competition, especially in 2016. It has got to be more than pretty and more than a bruit experience, because every game is in 2016. This time, gears has competition, so it won't coast through sales like it did before.

Personally, I would be worried if I were gears amongst the giants of next year. Certainly not the other way around. The last guardian is not worried about its sales when released alongside gears. Nor is FF15. Nor is halo. etc.

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Nirvana315911401d ago

Gears 4 looked mediocre at best. I've been a huge fan of the series but this is looking like another Judgement

BiggerBoss1401d ago

The graphics and voice acting were great, but from that reveal, Gears 4 looks more like the Order 1886 than Gears 1-3

I think they werent ready to show gameplay, so they picked a gameplay scene that would be easy to polish up

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die_fiend1402d ago

Yeah it literally looked like Gears 3. I wouldn't even be able to tell this wasn't on 360!

I loved my 360 as it had some great franchises (Gears, Halo, Fable), but nowadays there's a new king in town. To be still really excited by these franchises that have barely changed is baffling to me, Gears, Halo and Fable are old news. I was excited about them 8 years ago...but with nothing changed, not anymore.

FF7 remake, Shenmue 3, Uncharted 4 though..again, all sequels but just look at the buzz these generate! So glad I jumped ship!

WilDRangeRfc1402d ago

FF7??? Ok to each their own but I know I would rather play Gears MP than that Japanese trash,only Uncharted compares to Gears out of those games,I am genuinely shocked that people prefer games like Shemnue and Final Fantasy over Gears

bananaboats1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Im glad you jumped ship too.

Bigpappy1402d ago

Ah you are one of those guy who plays for buzz. If no one is making a big deal about a game, you are not interested. That's fine if that is who you are. I am made differently.

I have no interest in replaying any turned based games (including FF7). But I know many have been asking for the remake for ever. Not excited about Shenmue or Last Guardian. Uncharted looked action packed, but still Uncharted, if you liked it before this is more of it on a larger scale.

mokkeyrg21401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

@die_fiend give it a rest 360 never could put out that stuff.

christocolus1401d ago

@die fiend

“Yeah it literally looked like Gears 3. I wouldn't even be able to tell this wasn't on 360!”

Is this a joke? Lmao :D

Guys ignore this,just go take a look at his previous posts. Lmao. I'm glad you jumped that imaginary ship.

LexHazard791401d ago

Lol...bye,Nobody's gonna miss you!

jeremyj29131401d ago

@WilDRangeRfc with thinking like that, the fact that you're a younger game is very apparent. If not for that "Japanese trash" games like gears wouldn't even exist. You can dislike a game all you want, but when you go after an entire body of gaming then you might as well be ready to defend yourself. You might not like Japanese games but you could at least show them the respect.

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Septic1402d ago

The tone of the game seemed much better but the game barely looked that much better over its predecessors. Compare that with, say Uncharted, and you realise the difference in the jump of fidelity.

I just was hoping for a little more variety and a visual overhaul to interest me. My interest in the series was waning at the end of the trilogy anyway but the latest demo showed a relatively conservative enhancement over what came before.

Genuine-User1402d ago

Pretty much agree with everything you've said.

ThePope1401d ago

Wait are you saying that the graphics looked like Gears 3? The dark tone of the demo made the guaranteed increase in fidelity are to tell. Not your fault its the developers but if you think a tent pole franchise wont see major enhancements your thinking crazy.

I agree UC looked amazing but its not hard to tell that in a desert in board day light. I wish MS would have had a better demo but Gears still looks amazing.

starchild1401d ago

That's shocking to me. The jump in graphics was immediately apparent to my eyes.

It wasn't the greatest of demos but it certainly looked good and got me at least somewhat interested to see where the game goes in terms of gameplay and story.

TheCommentator1401d ago

You're talking about how Uncharted 4 still looks like a PS3 game, and how Gears 4 already looks way better than 3 but is still 18 months away, right? I think that Naughty Dog had a visual accident all over Sony's floor... not to mention the glitches, lol.

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Dirtnapstor1402d ago

They had to debut something. If any Gears4 reveal was passed up this E3, everyone would have been up in arms. There's been a stirring for sometime about this so it was pretty much an expectation to present. And of course, as usual, they reveal and no one is satisfied.
I thought it looked pretty good. But I'm saving my judgment until something real is shown. I think this was a "here, take a look, yes we're working on it..."

Nicaragua1402d ago

Agreed, I like Gears but that demo was dull.

Perjoss1402d ago

Hopefully they pay attention to feedback and improve it.

thrust1402d ago

Your talking about it now :)

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REDDURT1402d ago

This series got worse with each game

asmith23061401d ago

That's true. I'm waaaay more excited about the Gears 1 remake. Buying an X1 just to play it again. Was my favourite 360 game.

maybelovehate1401d ago

Well at least you are talking about it haha. But seriously, everyone I know is talking about it. It didn't reveal much but it was nice to see the new engine in action.

NeoGamer2321401d ago

The Gears reveal should've just been a trailer. The problem I had is that they didn't show the contxt of the story. It had all the great gameplay we expect from gears, but with gears you have to understand the story context more.

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mezati991402d ago

i didn't see shit. it was too dark

Septic1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Yeah true. I thought it was my stream.

Gears of War 4 in glorious 1080p:



spicelicka1401d ago (Edited 1401d ago )

Have you ever played gears of war? Have you ever played a survival horror game in fact?? Play any kryll missions from past Gears of war games and they're all dark.

Lol seriously people need to stop smoking the good stuff, I'm pretty sure at night it's supposed to be dark.

^ I guess that's pitch black to you too then, one of the best looking games of the show last E3.

BiggerBoss1401d ago

Gears of War isnt survival horror..

D-riders1402d ago

I didn't know every game that had a cover system took after gears

asmith23061401d ago

Uncharted and Gears both came out with a cover system at the same time. Both took after Kill Switch's cover system.

maybelovehate1401d ago

Uncharted came out a full year after Gears.

asmith23061401d ago

@maybelovehate oh yeah, so it did. Thought it was 06.

TLG19911402d ago

is it me or are games getting darker and darker (visually) i mean we get new gens they talk about how much better everything will look and then they make it black so you can't see anything. and thats what i took away from the demo.

other titles until dawn for example. im sick of trudging around in black detailed environments. if its an open world game it always tends to be raining stormy and dark more often than it is sunny, especially in the witcher.

Probably one of the reasons i want to see old platformers come back ratchet& clanks, jak and daxter, conkers ect ect.

ff71001402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

My friend thought they were showing gears 1 till it showed the logo Gears 4. That itself tells how unpolished game was and early in development the game is.

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