Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Is Exactly The Wrong Move For Microsoft

Amid all the hype and hyperbole inevitably – and mostly entertainingly – emerging from this year’s E3 gaming show, Microsoft’s revelation that it’s introducing backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 titles to the Xbox One stands out like the proverbial sore gamer’s thumb.

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xHeavYx1218d ago

"My main issue with it is this: that it aligns the Xbox One with the past right at the time when the console should most be focused on the future."
It's a good point, but I also think that BC is a great move.

nicksetzer11218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

It doesn't "align itself with the past." It opens it as an option. They still have recore, sea of thieves,below, inside, halo 5, tomb raider, forza 6, gear collection, rare replay, gears 5, scalebound, crackdown, quantum break and plenty more coming in the next year or two. It isnnot as if backwards compatibility is all they offer, it is just in addition.

Free backwards compatibility for over 100 titles is nothing but a plus. I have a feeling had another company done this is wouldn't have been chastised. In fact, it is almost rediculous that anyone can find something to complain about with it. PSNow is doing the same thing (last gen titles on next gen) except you have to pay... that on top of remasters of those games, which cost as well.

Such a bad move that it was the most requested feature on their forum...

EDKICK1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Exactly if Sony had done it everyone would be praising them up and down. A move that is a sign of goodwill and a sign their listening to the fans a move that lets gamers play the games they already own without having to pay(which may discourage remasters somewhat hopefully) and a full e3 conference with exciting games and new ip and new exclusives with the promise the gamescom show is as big but this is a wrong move and they're focusing on the past ok sure man whatever you say.Is it so hard to just admit everyone has had a good to great e3

rdgneoz31218d ago

"Free backwards compatibility for over 100 titles is nothing but a plus"

Isn't it listed as only 18 titles right now? More to come obviously, but not even close to 100.

Septic1218d ago

^^ How are people not understanding that the current lineup is for preview members only? Its been restated so much. BC hasnt even launched yet.

xHeavYx1218d ago

"If Sony had done it..."
Here we go...

cartoonx11218d ago

@rdgneoz3 BC is not even release lol. those 18 titles are for preview members. when it go live there will be more thn 100 titles.

Gh05t1218d ago


You really dont think this move brings out a double standard. You cant imagine that if Sony had revealed this it wouldnt have been plastered all over as another nail in the coffin of why move to current gen Xbox One when your PS4 will play your PS3 games.

This move should be nothing but praised considering its usually on the cons side of a new console pros and cons.

Pogmathoin1218d ago

"If Sony had done it..."
Here we go...

Yet, a positive thing for Xbox one, and you go out running for anything that can portray it negatively, and as you always do in your own submissions, comment first to hammer that point. I have a huge catalogue of 360 games to finish, and to be able to do it on one console, one controller, tell me what is bad about that.... finally be able to free up an HDMI spot much needed on my TV. Its also free, use it or not, and the fact that is a hugely requested feature, you are complaining that MS listen to its fans, yet when MS announced X1, you complained that MS never listens to its fans...... theres a simple word for this..... bitter...

UnHoly_One1218d ago

This has to just be clickbait, right?

I mean, how can anyone possibly take this as anything but a good thing?

kreate1218d ago


"Exactly if Sony had done it everyone would be praising them up and down"

No one praised sony when they did it w the ps3. Ppl bashed it so bad sony got rid of it.

GMR_PR1218d ago

If it was that MS was bringing BC because the lack of games then I would say its a bad move, but they are bringing the games, not only their big franchises but also new IPs. BC is just an added feature to a console that already have great features, how is this a bad move I just can't comprehend it.

shloobmm31218d ago

Its in beta now. When it launches in the holiday it will have over 100 titles. BC is a great way to get previous 360 owners to jump to next gen.

AngelicIceDiamond1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Having a hard time seeing how this is a negative. Sea Of Thieves, Recore, Ion along sides loads of indies and AAA's this holiday all through out next year that are finally spread out. The PS4 is the only console that's not native BC at the moment unless you pay for it.

This feature was requested for 2 years now since the reveal of not only X1 but PS4 as well.

Article is irrelevant.

nX1218d ago

Am I the only one who couldn't care less about backwards compatibilty? I sold my last gen consoles a few weeks before the new consoles launched and haven't looked back since. I'm more than busy enough with the new stuff already.

BlackTar1871218d ago

God what is with the Victim mentality Jesus people. Is this really how you want to be portrayed? Ohh if sony did it? Buncha a hypothetical un provable nonsense. It's a bad look.

vega2751218d ago

@ kreate

Are you serious. Sony got rid of BC to save money cause they wasn't making a profit with the ps3 and they realized they could charge their fan for games they already own. Samething they are doing now.

Do honestly believe that with 90 million ps3's sold that no one has played these remakes from last gen. Here a tip if all those people wasn't interested then why would you think they will now with a fresh coat of paint. Especially when people you mostly hear who's going to rebuy the game is people who likely already own a last gen copy.

DragonKnight1218d ago

I'm sorry but this guy at Forbes is an idiot. I'm not exactly what you'd call an MS supporter, but you can ask people like Septic what I was saying when MS announced BC and I said that it was a big deal, that they pretty much rendered the value of PSNow useless, and that Sony had better have an answer to it.

BC is a big deal. It is NOT the wrong move to make. When you are charging for something your competitor is not, restricted or otherwise, you'd better have a damn better excuse than "well you don't need a PS4 to use PSNow."

Gamers are the ones who'd care about BC, not your average tv or smartphone user. And since we do, we would own the console to begin with. MS knew this and accommodated for it. Sony hasn't.

darthv721218d ago

@kreate... people didnt bash sony for having it. In fact they bashed sony for taking it away. Among other things sony removed over the course of the PS3 generation. Media reader, USB ports, Other OS....

All in the name of saving $$ while MS was adding in features that werent there to begin with and still making it affordable.

Saigon1218d ago

For me it is not the fact that they done it; its the timing. If this was presented day one when the console win for MS. But that is not the case it is after the fact, especially with the lineup they have upcoming in the next few, I don't see the need.

asadachi1218d ago

@EDKICK.. if Sony had done it... Wow, just wow. One day gamers won't be so pathetic and seek to blame, but today is not that day.

dcbronco1218d ago

It seems Forbes never has anything relevant to say about Microsoft. Their so called tech people are as blind as bats. BC brings huge opportunities for Microsoft. Looking at the overall picture Microsoft has slowly revealed BC was a given.

With Windows 10 as the platform instead of a particular device Microsoft has brought the Xbox brand in direct competition with Steam. With universal apps running across all platforms we may soon see some of these old games being run not only on One, but on every Windows 10 device including phone.

I fully expect to see sales like Steam does in the next year or two. But with the advantage of the games working on all of your Windows devices. It's also an assault on Android and IOS. Windows phone doesn't appear to be a threat now. But it is growing fast in emerging markets. This will help it grow in the gamers demographic and Continuum and security will make it grow in the business market.

Well played Microsoft. Well played.

4Sh0w1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I don't get how something that has been the most requested feature since Day 1 in most feedback forums can be NOW be a con, once they delivered.

I think sony had just as many request for it before they rolled out their brand new affordable pay for it now...

p$now service

...and I've heard all over n4g how cool it was to play their old games on ps4, vita etc. n4g has tons of stories about ps now with some pretty hilarious support for the evolving pricing model like this one:

kreate1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )


ppl bashed the ps3 for the price. but the BC is what made price go up.

so later they got rid of the ps3 with the ps2 guts inside and came out with another model ps3 with software emulation BC. dropped the price by $100.

when that wasn't enough the ps3 bash days of n4g between 2006-2009 was so horrible. (and ppl claim n4g is a sony site) sony again took away the emulation BC and dropped it even further by another $100.

than everyone complain that features are taken away. sony just cant win cant they?

which is the point im making towards EDKICK.

u can argue its the blu ray that also made the price high but blu ray isn't something sony can take out of a ps3.

there's different angles to the situation. but some ppl claim when sony does something, its all nothing but praises up and down which isn't true.

im just saying bro.

and im a xbox360/xbox one gamer. 2yr gold membership. add me on xbox live. saids it right there on my live profile.

Gotcha51217d ago

People should also request for Original Xbox games bc as well... think about it like Crimson Skies,Phantom Dust,Jade Empire,Half-Life 2,Star Wars KOTOR,Time Splitters,Star Wars Battlefront,Otagi,Red Dead Revolver,Manhunt and Ninja Gaiden Black all I still own.

medman1217d ago

I agree with you, but I think the move is being overhyped a bit. If Sony chooses, it could offer playstation gamers games they've already bought for free through psnow, or simply lower the pricing of the service, or offer a subscription option when you purchase psplus that if you want to play a back catalog of games, you pay a little more for your annual subscription.

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Septic1218d ago

How does it align them with the past? Its just a feature. Its not like Xbox HQ are gonna stop in their tracks and spent all their resources on this.

Just because the feature, by its very nature, deals with past titles means Xbox is looking too much in the past? That makes very little sense especially when we can clearly see MS investing harder than ever before into the future of the brand and its games lineup.

thrust1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

It's would be the best thing ever if the other company done it!

raWfodog1218d ago

I agree, this is a just a convenient feature to have. I enjoy having my fat PS3 able to play some PS2 games and all PS1 games as I am a hoarder and don't sell off my old games. Every now and then I get a hankering to play some nostalgic games (even though they look like crap on my big screen :)) Whenever I pick up my XB1, it'll be good knowing that I can do the same with my 360 games.

And I don't think it's a 'wrong' move by MS at all. In fact, I think it is a very calculated move to finally win over the 360 holdouts who haven't been enticed to getting a XB1 yet.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1218d ago

Great article and from a reputable company. I knew this but dare not say it here.

nicksetzer11218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Reputable? It is just a random guy...

This is in his bio:
"I am currently a regular contributor to The Sunday Times, Ideal Home,,, Home Cinema Choice magazine, Wired, and, of course, Forbes."

This is not written by a forbes employee at all, just a random freelancer.

Dread1218d ago

yet u say it anyways


GMR_PR1218d ago


A freelancer? Not even, just a contributor.

BecauseImBatman1218d ago

Why doesn't it surprise me that you agree with this... oh that's right your in every positive xbox article downplaying it. I'm not even an Xbox gamer but I'm damn straight getting one this holiday... instant game library when I'm buy bring all my 360 games over not to mention the great holiday line up. If you were a real gamer, you'd see the merits of all this putting your own interests aside. I'm not that into Racing games but did I recognize Forza 6 as a great game to this holiday lineup, yes. So do I recognize this as great news, hell yes...

I guess Sony are stuck in the past for deveoping the Playstation Now service as well right ? You people today...

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Mega241218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I think it was a great move, so we can put the god damn remasters away and focus on new IP's or sequels, instead of using those resources on past games. According to Phil, all they have to do is approach a dev who wants the game backwards compatible, and they just flip the switch.

It secures those who haven't made the leap from 360 to One easier, knowing that they will have some games to play from their 360 catalog.

xHeavYx1218d ago

"so we can put the god damn remasters away and focus on new IP's or sequels"
BC is not gonna do anything to prevent remasters. Just look at GoW 3 being remastered.

christian hour1218d ago

"and they just flip the switch." More switch flipping eh? haha sorry, couldnt resist.

This article is clickbait at its finest, Backwards Compatibility is a great move, all thats needed now is to add more and more titles to the list.

I own a ps4 btw, plan to get an x1 at some point when the timing feels right to me and I'm not so broke. I wasn't an early adapter as I felt microsoft insulted the entire gamin community when it first unveiled its console, but they're making a lot of moves to restore faith in the community. I've been a multi-console owner at the beginning of every gen bar this one, which was kind of heart breaking for me.

Keep it up Microsoft, I thought this years e3 might have been your year (til sony pulled it out of the bag), i just didn't think Sony would dominate 3 years in a row, but there was plenty on display to impress me on the MS front, especially rares new ip! I may just invest next year :)

kneon1218d ago

It would have been a great move at launch, but having taken so long now it's downgraded to just a good move.

This feature would have been far more useful at launch, now there are plenty of new games to play so old games are much less important.

CYCLEGAMER1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I think the most important thing here is that it is free, and it is up to developers to simply say OK. MS is leaving this up to the developers which scares me because remasters are "a thing" now and they probably would much rather make money off of us than to give MS the ok access their old game.

As far as this article is do people manage to spin any and everything MS does into a negative??? How is this Get a fackin life

Mikelarry1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

"As far as this article is do people manage to spin any and everything MS does into a negative??? How is this Get a fackin life"

I was just thinking the same, this article is showing some really bitter users on n4g. the ps4 is my platform of choice but even i commend MS for this, as well as it being free and them showing new IP's somehow some of these so called "journalist" twist every positive MS does into a negative... DAMN

christian hour1218d ago

"remasters are 'a thing' now"

They've always been a thing. Ports, remasters, wahtever you want to call em. THey're nothing new. However the industry has grown so much, the platforms on which people can purchase and download has changed tremendously, so not only are we seeing more ports, we're also seeing more games and digital downloads, there are also more developing studios than there has been in the history of this industry.

ManAnimalX1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )


at the end of the day, lots of people don't trust MS, so yea a perceived positive is looked upon cynically. We could debate about MS not having any games or some would say that's not true and they do.

But there are millions of 360 owners who haven't made the jump to Next Gen, specifically XB1. Why? Why is that? There must be some good reason right?

Its because no matter what side of the fence you sit on, "MS has games or they don't", the games that have been released so far by MS DO NOT APPEAL to them.

That's the point, the type of games some sitting on the fence 360 owners want have not been released or announced.

So the point of BC is to attempt to fill in for what MS is lacking in spades according to Sell through numbers on XB1's sold.....GAMES, the original IP's for Next Gen, yea I know they have a few, but there not coming out til sometime next year, and probably not til the fall 2016.

I wasn't impressed at all by MS's E3, when was the last time MS released an original AAA 1st party IP?. Oh I see, they haven't, not even 1 that I can think of since XB1 has been released.

And the only 1 they have comes out in the fall, Halo 5, XB1 owners had to wait 2 years just to get 1 AAA IP, and its a sequel, not a New Original IP.

But MS had a great E3?, imo you have to be lowering your standards and expectations of MS to say that, so far Phil Spencer has proven he's a good talker, only imo.

super_bruno1218d ago

Since when Backward Compatibility is bad? Did I miss something?

ShadowKing-1218d ago

its not bad, i think its just way to late to introduce at this point for MS and Sony.

GMR_PR1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Late maybe, but bad is just pushing it. Its a welcome feature since when an added feature is negative thing.

BlackTar1871218d ago

it's a welcome feature and a great feature but it's not earth shattering i mean the biggest news is BC. You don't win e3 with yesterdays games.

super_bruno1218d ago


Moving the goalpost much... Who's talking about winning E3?

Im talking about how this got spun into a negative thing.

vega2751218d ago

@ black tar

"You don't win E3 on yesterday's games"

WHAT isn't that one of the reasons why people said Sony won E3 by announcing a FF7 remake when the game is over ten years old.

BlackTar1871218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Yes Vega and Shenmue 3 and Horizon and Showing UC4.

I mean sure if you wanted to point out what the biggest was then maybe it was FF7 but others it was Shenmue 3 and for a lot of people it was Horizon. Also a huge amount of people it was Last Guardian. Not too sure about Dream but i'll wait and see.

i can tell you my biggest announcement on PS was Horizon by biggest announcement on xbox was Hololens biggest on Nintendo even though it hurt was Star fox.

I guess BC will give you single console owners something to play on MS console during the 9 months of the year they tend to forget about.

So your point is moot. Also FF7 is like 20yrs old. I imagine you weren't around to see it's original release so i'll cut you some slack.

4Sh0w1217d ago

Blacktar that's some heavy spin there.

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gosukyomomma1218d ago

It is to some me however not so much i dont spend £400 to play old games what sense does that make i would actually rather buy a second hand 360 if i wanted to but that got traded because it was only used to stream sky during the last few gameless years of the 360. Out of all the consoles i have owned i have played just one game that that required backwards compatability so to me i do think it is a waste of time but nice feature non the less i suppose

ShadowKing-1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

its defiantly a feature and that's it, when people buy a next gen console they don't say, "im buying a next gen console to play last gen games". they expect a whole new experience.

Now its great that you will be able to play without turning back on your 360. But not all games will be added and i assume that its up to the developer to make the decision on whether to let xbox one support them.

Now i dont even own a xbox one and really dont have any intention on buying in the near future but it would be great if sony would allow ps3 games to be played vs ps now but again IMO when i bought my ps4 i was not looking to play last gen games but again this would be a nice feature but at this point i just used to going back to my ps3 if i want to play ps3 games which i have not done in awhile.


it's the most ridiculous point I have heard all day...

"aligns the xbox one with the past when it should be focused on the future"....

Both consoles have been dragged into holding onto the past with the constant remasters that have been pushed out.... And people keep defending this trend saying it's a good thing and it means people who have not played those games can enjoy them, while people who don't want them don't have to buy them.

With proper BC now, it means the dev's don't have to use any resources at all on remasters (if they don't want to) which means they can be 100% focused on new games for this gen!

The gamers who cry about wanting to play old games (you know the ones who managed to just missout on everything from last gen) can still get those games... but check this out..

Instead of having to buy a remaster for £40 a pop, they can buy the original copy for like £10 stead!

and the rest of use who hate remasters and have been complaining about what a drain they are on this gen... well we have nothing to complain about because the dev's don't need to remaster and we can play our old games as well without feeling like we are being robbed by having to pay full price for old games that we already own.

how is this a bad thing?

We complain about all the remasters... MS solves the problem in the best way possible, now we are complaining that the solution is the wrong move.

We would rather have dev teams pushing out old games brushed up to 1080p instead of making new next gen games???

I can't believe I am reading this.... really... I mean really!!

Bigpappy1218d ago

Did not hear anything about this focus on the past junk with PSnow. This is much better thanks that rip off.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231218d ago

Been away from N4G for a while and i have come back to the same people. PS Now charges you but it's worth it, MS offer it FREE and it's a failure. Same old N4G i take it.

3ndulg31218d ago

Lol you freaking sony fans are psycho and I dont mean it in a good way.

xHeavYx1218d ago

Lol, you crybabies who can't accept that people have a different opinions (and label everyone who has a negative comment as a Sony fan) are psycho, and I don't mean in a good way.

Professor_K1218d ago

Dear xHeavYx


Now stick to criticizing the only console you have any interest in and well stick to ours,

sincerely gamers

xHeavYx1218d ago

Let's take a look at your non biased bullcrap onesided double standard fanboy opinion

"Doubt it, sonys fanbase would blow it to heaven declare sony ultimate saints melt downt the internet and declare an early victory or some fanboy hype nonsense"

"They (Sony) won hipster tears and nostalgia rides.
Ms won in freash (freash?) euphoria"

"desperate move by sony, out of all the cods they chose Black ops"

So, I guess I made my point. If you are gonna call someone for "BIASED BULLCRAP ONESIDED DOUBLE STANDARD FANBOY OPINION" make sure that you are not doing the same bull. Otherwise you'll look like an idiot.

Gunstar751218d ago

The timing is perfect. Not everyone is rolling is cash, so now lots of people can trade their 360's in but can still play their favourite games! There are some good trade in deal at the moment.

I'll be putting my 360 into storage come January so I'll have more room!

How anyone can twist this into a negative is beyond me.

oSHINSAo1218d ago

1. You can sell your xbox 360 to get new games,hardware, stuff
2. It helps sell those cheap games left at stores that we couldn´t play
3. Please god, less Remakes/remasters, focus on new ips/sequels


Rimfro1218d ago

I don't see how it's a good point. They literally are just flipping a switch, and leaving it up to developers to activate. I doubt it took vast resources, or focus to make this feature possible. SMH. Xbox is like LeBron James. It doesn't matter how much they do right, the brand will always be held to a different standard than other systems, and I have no clue why.

Sony gets a pass on their terrible network. Stripping features, charging for BC, "winning" E3 for showing a remake that isn't even dated yet, the hacking scandal, and for suing a gamer for daring to keep his own OS on his console, that was allowed by Sony at launch.

Yet, somehow, Sony has gotten a pass, and they are the only ones who "care about the gamer", and Microsoft is still held accountable for what they only thought about doing. They have adapted their entire business model, and continue to do so, based on the community. But somehow, it's always displayed as a detriment on this site. And now, BC is a bad thing, because "it shows they are focused on the past", yet PSNOW, is still being touted as a "feature". Hahaha. Ya'll are all crazy. I love you, but you're crazy...

Christopher1218d ago

I get his thinking, but he's wrong. It opens up the future more as people with 360s can feel better about trading them in to get XBO and still play their 360 games until they move onto XBO games.

callahan091218d ago

I don't mean to insult anyone with this statement, but to me backwards compatibility right now is showing the absurdity of the gaming community. Our priorities are all out of whack if we're celebrating this as some kind of important bombshell. Look, I've got a shelf full of PS1 and PS2 games, and I've got a fully backwards compatible original model PS3 hooked up, and I haven't played a single PS1 or PS2 game since 2008. That's SEVEN YEARS since the last time I played one of these games. I think most gamers, in reality, are like me... we don't go back and play last gen games that often. For the first couple years of a generation you might, and then as time goes on, you touch them less and less, until you look at your collection and realize that you've gone the majority of the time you've owned the console (AND THEN SOME) since the last time you ever used the backwards compatibility. It's a talking point, a bullet point, and it's an admittedly consumer-friendly feature, but the reality is that so many good games are always coming out in the here and now that there's little time or incentive to go back and play the so-called "classics" except when they get released in improved/remastered versions on new-gen consoles at discount prices anyway.

1217d ago
Professor_K1218d ago

"Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Is Exactly The Wrong Move For Microsoft"

keep telling your self that, i cant decide wheather this is more of a damage control for sony or a clickbait, most likely half of both

jrshankill1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

This article was written by a R-Tard. I'm sure if the author could pop in a PS3 disc into his PS4 and download the game there would be jizz all over his console.

It's like saying that EVERY past game is obsolete. What an idiot. Who approved this??

NatFanBoyRestricted1218d ago

How does it align itself with the past when the feature is made to help benefit people playing on last gen, transition to the future? And it's free, so they can continue playing where they left off without investing money into the same game. Everyone's it seems that's playing on current gen seems to mouth their opinion hyping it or downplaying it. I say the most important persons opinion right now would have to be someone that's only on last gen. Help gamers move forward.

1217d ago
otherZinc1217d ago

@John Archer,

No, you are the one experiencing "dumbness" in your ridiculous analogies of friggin stupid!

M$ just made my enormous 360 library valid!
M$ just made PS Now a Ripoff to PS4 owners. And, at the prices PS Now is ridiculous anyway.

It's a perfect business move of loyalty M$ afforded it's consumers.

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ifinitygamer1218d ago

BC is a great move for those gamers who have a large library and don't want to worry about it not working in the future because their console stops working. A lot of people are on the fence about an Xbox, but with this, it makes an insane amount of sense to get one now.

Thefreeman0121218d ago

Can't understand why anyone wouldn't want BC. I have a large Xbox library and I most certainly want to back and replay my old games sometimes.