Luckey Explains Microsoft and Oculus Relationship, Ensures Rift 'just works'

VRFocus reports on Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey explaining the relationship between Microsoft and Oculus VR and how it helps the VR kit.

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SteamPowered1244d ago

I am very excited for the Rift launch. Not so much for the X1 streaming, but the Pc side. I see more and more incredible experiences on the Oculus Share site.
On the flip side of that, I dont know how they expect gamers to spend about $1500 all in when the recommended specs call for a 970.

Pandamobile1244d ago

People that are seriously considering buying a Rift probably already have reasonably high-performing PC.

It's not like you have to chuck out your old one and start from scratch. I haven't upgraded my rig in years and all I'd have to do to be VR-ready is upgrade my GPU.

SteamPowered1244d ago

Oh I hear you absolutely. Im holding off on a 980ti due to AMD releasing the Fury GPU. I have absolutely no qualms about paying for this experience. Truth be told, I even want to budget for a portable rig with VR.
Luckey has said numerous times ( or in numerous articles) that gamers can have the Rift experience for $1500 all in. So that leaves a pretty small margin for the Rift to fit in.

You are 100% correct that enthusiasts wont think twice about upgrading. I was just alluding that it may come at a higher price than $1500 with the rig included.

Anonagrog1244d ago

After the difficulties in navigating the Windows WDDM and realizing Direct-to-Rift mode this doesn't come as a surprise. When it was announced the other day I had a suspicion there would be targeted improvements on Windows 10 for this very purpose, so I'm glad to hear this is happening, and not just for Oculus, but for all VR development on Win10.