By rain or by shine, Forza 6 is a beast


"Forza Motorsport 6 is big on numbers. It has 450 cars, 26 locations, two-player split-screen, 24 on-track competitors, a 70-hour career campaign, all running at 1080p / 60 frames per second."

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EvilWay1272d ago

The only thing I have began to grow tired of with Forza is the DLC. I mean I get it was hard to get a ton of cars to all have Vista (I think it's called, where you can walk around and see every piece of the car) but there should have been more then the 125 or so it had. I am happy to see that the 2 years between games is helping them but the DLC should be free... Like come one Turn 10. Release them post launch, fine but they should all be free

poppinslops1272d ago

I can hardly wait... I finally finished FH2 on 'unbeatable', but I'm still hungry for more!

That game changed me... I hadn't bought a racing game since Mario Kart 64, but the trailer and the great reviews made it irresistable.

Forza 5 had just had a free weekend preview, but I only managed to win my first race right before it ended - which felt great and all, but in a Dark Souls-y kind of way.

This time I'll be ready.

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