Improving the Final Fantasy VII Remake video

How to improve the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement video in four easy steps.

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Software_Lover1217d ago

The video that they showed looked like an old video that I had seen before. I could be wrong, but I think that stuff has been floating around the internet for a good while.

OUROSMAG1217d ago

If you're talking about this

Not the same thing.

ThichQuangDuck1217d ago

I noticed it had no gameplay of any kind of a game that came out 20 years ago....

Nitrowolf21217d ago

well don't be surprised if the game releases towards the end of this generation if at all

main reason is it the full blown remake and they got their hands busy with Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 which also doesn't have a release date

ThichQuangDuck1217d ago


I just don't like people getting so overly hyped for games with a broad release window and no gameplay. This likely won't be out till 2017 after a delay.

kmeck5181217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )


I think it would be cool to release it in 2017 being that would make it the 20th anniversary of FF7.

and as far as gameplay, there's not many announcement trailers i can think of that have actual gameplay in them.

curtis921217d ago

Already? I can only imagine the negative tones surrounding this game after 3 or 4 years of development.

imtheman20131217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I disagree with all of this, except for the Japanese subtitles hanging awkwardly in the bottom portion of the letterbox. I'd rather just have an option to switch between English and Japanese audio.

The rest of the trailer was great though, and I really liked the voice over. I think it set the tone of the game really well, while also echoing the real life craving for this game. And the music was great too, the chimes at the end gave me chills, as that music is part of the game's original score, if not at least a variation of it.

Fantastic way to introduce this beloved game to both new and old audiences!

XanderZane1217d ago

I was hyped for this 5-6 years ago. SquareEnix took way too long to bring it to their fans. I'm not as hyped for it as I was back then. I may still get it, but I'm more hyped for newer games like Horizon and Uncharted 4, which both looked pretty amazing.

BoriboyShoGUN1217d ago

Really? I could only imagine a Final Fantasy VII with co-op each of your buddies controlling a character! That would be crazy, I don't think i'd play anything else. But even if it doesn't have a multiplayer i'd still but it day one!!!

averagejoe261217d ago

It sucks you lose excitement so easily. You obviously weren't that excited to begin with.

You could wait 13 years for a remake but once it past that "nope, no longer excited"


XanderZane1217d ago

You do realize that FF VII came out back in 1997 right? That's 18 years ago. Talks of a remake started when the PS2 was still on the market. So yes, waiting all that time for an old game like FF VII would cause gamers to lose their hype for it. If SquareEnix really wanted to make it up to fans, they would have did a remake for FFVII, VIII and IX and put them all on one package. I would be more hyped for that and been even more surprised. They should have did the remake for FF VII before FFX and FFX2. No one was even asking for those.

Still the same game with prettier graphics. Considering it was a PS1 game to begin with, do you really think it wouldn't look better on a PS2 or PS3?

Harkins17211217d ago

FF7:R will look far better on PS4 than it would on PS3.

izumo_lee1217d ago

I may be mistaken but the voice is I think the English voice of Sephiroth. Like movie teasers this was a teaser for the game. It was supposed to set a tone and like inhuman mentioned the dialogue was perfect, it conveyed our desire for the game and like the line in the teaser said we were 'wishful thinking'.

The music was a mix of the classic tunes we have fallen in love as well snippets from Advent Children. A FF7 teaser without these songs would not be the same. I think the teaser was a perfect reintroducing us to the game many of us grew up with and the tears that were shed by many were genuine.

-Gespenst-1217d ago

I don't think it's Sephiroth. Compare with this:

It occasionally sounds like Matt McKenzie, the voice of Auron from X, but other times it sounds nothing like him.

I don't recognize the voice from anything to do with VII, so I'm not sure what character is supposed to be talking, unless of course they replaced one of the voice actors.

I personally hate when trailers drop in references to the development history of the game. It's cringey. They did it with XV too - Noctis says something like "Almost there."

Harkins17211217d ago

Its David Lodge. Jiraiya from Naruto.

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