Stylish stealth adventure Calvino Noir announced for PS4

Posted by Dan Walters on Jun 17, 2015 // Director, Calvino Noir:

Hi, we’re Dan, Harry, and Josh. We’d love to introduce you to our new game, Calvino Noir. It’s a film noir stealth adventure, and it’s coming to PS4.

The beautiful history of noir cinema is a big inspiration — that’s where we’ve drawn ideas for the look and story of the game. The classic film noir plot and characters are there, but in our own format, which is more closely inspired by films such as Bladerunner, and games such as Deus Ex.

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DarkOcelet1272d ago

It looks nice.

I am so glad that there are many types of games this gen with hundreds of varieties for everyone to enjoy. I think this gen will be amazing in the years to come.

joab7771272d ago

This makes me want a new sabateur.

joeorc1272d ago

WWI now that's cool, so many areas you could really branch the story in such a time, also with canvas wood covered planes where the 1st plane downed in air war plane vs plane was because of a boat anchor!

Red Barron's red tri plane, where French spad17, and trench warfare with tanks the looked so outrageous, and the start of blimps being a main way to air

Game based on the classic movie shout @ the devil..
roger Moore and Lee Marvin..that was a fantastic movie

1272d ago
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