No Matter How Annoyed You Are At Nintendo's E3 2015 Digital Event, You're Not As Annoyed As This Guy

You're never going to please everyone, and Nintendo's Digital Event at E3 this year may have left more people disappointed than the Big N would like, but you can be sure that you weren't as upset over the presentation as this young man.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

There are bigger issues than Nintendo's press event that this guy needs to deal with, methinks.XD

I got upset, too, but all it took was a couple of venting posts in Miiverse and I felt right as rain, especially when I remembered the games that are coming soon.

But this guy who's post the video is referencing...

Is he in need of meds?
I think he's in need of meds.


FullmetalRoyale1408d ago

So it was okay for you to vent, but you're gonna judge someone else for doing it, on the same subject?
OT: I've been waiting and waiting to see what Nintendo would bring to the Wii U. I have been more than patient, and for me, it is the time to trade in that system. I fell for the Wii and blame no one but myself for the purchase of my Wii U. But I'm afraid we need a separation, Nintendo. You just aren't satisfying my needs, and I have to tell you; there's somebody else.

wonderfulmonkeyman1408d ago

Venting and saying Nintendo "left me an empty shell" are two entirely different things.
I give Nintendo crap when they deserve it, but I don't go to the extreme of saying something is dead or dying over every mistake, let alone let it depress me as much as it obviously has depressed the person the guy in this video is quoting.

Mega_Volnutt1408d ago

They just buried Devil's Third, by not even promoting their own game at e3.

Ristul1408d ago

Yeah, Devil's Third looks fun as hell but I really fear it will silently pass by without the installbase and promotion it deserves from Nintendo. Best of luck to Itagaki and Valhalla Game Studios, they are going to need it!

XisThatKid1408d ago

Yea I was looking forward to it until it was coming to PS3 or 4 then Wii U exclusive happened. Then I bought a Wii U for Smash and though "Oh I can get Devils third now whenever it comes out" SOld My Wii U for 100$ then Splatoon shook my interest then no voice chat So I decided to keep my 150$ to buy another one but then I thought "There's still Devils Third" But then this con happend...I'll just wait untill this Horribly under sells and gets ported to PS4 and X1

Concertoine1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Let's see here...

They made it only available on Amazon in Japan...

They didn't even reveal it in the Event last year, but on IGN...

They didn't show it at the Digital Event this year, but instead it popped up out of no where in a Japanese-only video a week before E3...

They don't even go to the trouble of showing it in their upcoming game lists. Why the HELL did they fund this game, to let it die?!

Mega_Volnutt1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Yeah, it fukin sucks. Nintendo logic at his finest. Why they even bother funding this game??. Iwata needs to be incinerated (fired) like you have no idea. Him and his consultants, are taking Nintendo down the sinkhole.

gamingpro1408d ago

Pretty much every Nintendo fan thought Nintendo's press event was ridiculous and disappointing.

What is funny though is that everyone wasn't making so much of a song and dance about things when Nintendo killed Sony and Microsoft at e3 last year, everyone stayed quiet about that but now you got these cringe worthy opinion articles saying that No one will beat Sony's conference EVER!!! loooool

While I feel both Microsoft and Sony had good showings, Articles from fanboys saying that Sony can never be beaten is just as cringeworthy as Nintendo's e3 was.

remixx1161408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Oh stop with the fanboy gall dance dude, who cares about last year, that's in the past and the fact that you care so much about what they did last year instead of what's going on in the present and future is just showing your colors.

Also all 3 companies did great last year, Nintendo didn't really destroy them or anything of the sort.

Though this year Sony obliterated Nintendo's boring muppets live stream......hell even Microsoft brought the a matter of fact everybody did but Nintendo......yet all you care about is them having a good conference last year....

The Sony and Microsoft camps have a huge right to be happy, they know their console of choice will have amazing futures, not just because of the exclusives and tech shown, but also because the ubi, sqeenix, ea and Bethesda confrences all applied to them because its all coming to their consoles.....something Nintendo will not receive

I'm a true Nintendo fan, I own a Wii u, same as my n64, game cube and Wii, but I'm scared for ninty and I'm sick of rabbis fanboys acting like nothing is wrong.......hell they didn't even promote devils third at their conference and then they dare throw salt in my eyes with that metroid blast ball BS

I'm sick of the fads and gimmicks disguised as innovation, all it does is push away third parties and make unnecessary peripherals for the player to operate and learn in first party games...

Hell Sony and Microsoft's conference this year destroyed nintys one last year as well.

Timesplitter141408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

wow look it's someone making forced, exaggerated and badly-acted videogame-related reactions on youtube in the hopes of becoming e-famous

First time I see this

Big_Game_Hunters1408d ago

They just need to launch the NX november 2016 with zelda. Next level and Retro probably already moved their new console games exclusively to NX.

Nintendo you have a chance here. The NX can be the next gen console everyone wanted but no one offerd. You can have hardware three years ahead of PS4/Xone. Make a console that will actually run every game at 1080p 60 frames with 4K support. Get those third parties and play the angle "better on NX". Abandon the whole Wii/Mii brand and abandon Amiibos. or at least don't make them a focus like you are right now.

superchiller1408d ago

"Nintendo you have a chance here. The NX can be the next gen console everyone wanted but no one offerd. You can have hardware three years ahead of PS4/Xone. Make a console that will actually run every game at 1080p 60 frames with 4K support. Get those third parties and play the angle "better on NX". Abandon the whole Wii/Mii brand and abandon Amiibos. or at least don't make them a focus like you are right now."

You do know that none of what you wrote above will ever happen? This is Nintendo we're talking about, they haven't been known for releasing solid, non-gimmicky gaming hardware for over a decade. They simply refuse to try to compete when it comes to hardware, instead opting for gimmicks tied to low-spec hardware to set themselves apart, and keep their costs down and profits high.

The Nintendo of today could never accomplish the things that you want, they no longer have the expertise or leadership to get it done. I have a feeling that the NX will follow the exact same approach as the original Wii and Wii U, with a questionable gimmick tied to cheap hardware, if it even comes out; but sadly, it's really too late for this company to turn things around.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1408d ago

You must be as old as the Wii and not know anything about the GC, N64, Super NES, and NES Specs.

The Wii was an attempt to be like Apple and release a new Technology that changed the industry- Motion Controls.

That tech' did change the industry and it will be one of the ways we control games forever- esp now with the Virtual Reality Kits.

But I recognize your cynicism toward current Nintendo Policies. -But all B_G_H said was, "Nintendo you have a chance here"- and they do have a chance to do everything you said and everything B_G_H said or something Better or Worse.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Really don't see why you got so many disagrees when you said, "Nintendo you have a chance here" and NOT "Nintendo will do this".

I have thought many times that they could more cheaply leap ahead of the PS4 and XB1 by sticking to a 5 Yr Schedule vrs Sony's 10 to 8 yr.

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