Final Fantasy VII Remake Winter Update Includes Official Title, Other Details in Planning

The Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement has come and gone, and our next update is coming in the winter. We don’t know what that update will include, but we at least know the game’s title might be announced.

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bouzebbal1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

this remake cannot be as rich because the original was immense, but i expect a brand new approach to the gameplay and more focus on Zack backstory as a future DLC (kind of Crisis Core remake as well).
I think fights will be action based like FFXV, but at least they gotta keep the materias!
mini games in Gold Saucer might be cut off, and maybe also Don Corleone's quest (i don't hope so lol).

Simco8761223d ago

action based like FFXV? Pass on this then, you wanna remake VII? Then you bring back everything that was great about VII...turn based greatness with airships.

raWfodog1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I agree and I believe that this remake (reboot) should be more than just prettier graphics. I think it will take a more serious tone like Advent Children did but still be basically the same story. And I know I will probably get flamed for saying that but so be it. But I just don't think the more sillier (funny) moments of the original will fit will in with this serious looking world (but I hope they keep as much as they can).

Saying that, I think I will now check out the FFVII PS4 version of the original when it finally comes out (even though I still have the original PS1 version). I wasn't interested in it before but now I am (for some strange reason). I believe that was their goal all along and, curses, it worked :)

rainslacker1223d ago

Official title will be

Final Fantasy VII Remake


Now leave us alone

elazz1223d ago

If this sells well we can expect more remakes of their classics and perhaps a direct sequel Final Fantasy 7-2 (as I thought that was also rumored)

Summons751223d ago

Advent Children was the direct sequel...a ge version of that would be cool.

rainslacker1223d ago

Yeah, but maybe they'll make a proper sequel with the entire cast.

Summons751223d ago

It's going to be interesting to see how much changes and not just visually. Will there be a world map? Atb combat close to FF13 or updated to 15? Will all the parts that slid by back then (nude hot tub, cross dressing, the undies) still be there? And how much voice acting will affect the story, will it make it better or would the characters being close to how they were intended make ff7 fanboys cry like they did with Advent Children? Going to be a really interesting development and square is going to get hammer by trolls when they change even the slightest thing.

Simco8761223d ago

Everything better be back, hacking what made the game stick with the minds of the audience is a huge mistake. For example...I better be getting my 15 hours of chocobo breading, but expand on it like the Kentucky Derby? Now that would be sweet.

Father__Merrin1223d ago

all I'm bothered is that it's ps4 first, it's a system seller

paradigmfellow1223d ago

I can see them cutting down on the mini games.

kingdip901223d ago

But the chocoho racing, snowboarding and motorcycle game were awesome!

Simco8761223d ago

Yes...why cut that from the game? Those were all staples, expand on the boxing game too!

paradigmfellow1223d ago

Golden Saucer will be there. I don't see that getting cut.

Godmars2901223d ago

You'll probably play those in iOS form.

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The story is too old to be commented.