Survival of the fittest? Name brands don't equal good times

From the article: "There is no more disheartening evidence of aging for a grown child of the video game era than Wii Fit. Seriously, if you managed to get your hands on Nintendo's latest, sparsely stocked "un-game," exactly how often do you actually "play" it? My main beef with the "game" is that it breaks a few cardinal rules why video games exist: It's not fun, and even worse, it makes you sweat. Even the purported health benefit due to the exercise it induces is minimal, like how the IQ boosting abilities of Brain Age doesn't really make you a genius. One can argue that Nintendo is trying to get the porkers off their asses, but perhaps they should aim the witch-hunt at World of Warcraft, not consoles.

But at least I'm not aging quite as bad as Indiana Jones. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sucked something rotten and Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures is just as disappointing (PS3 version played). While there is something inherently playable about the Lego series of games, this entry doesn't contain anything quite as witty or adorable as the toymaker's previous movie-based gaming venture, taken from the Star Wars franchise."

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Tacki3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I'm not even gonna go into this guy's gross exageration of MGS4's cutscene length, but this...

"The fun factor can be endlessly debated here, but let’s face it: the Metal Gear series always packed more over-acted drama than a Korean soap opera."

Speaking as someone who actually watches Korean "soap operas" (they're called 'dramas' dammit!) I must say that is so so wrong. I understand he's just trying to make a point but as someone who even loves Korean dramas.... I have to say that the MGS series is no where NEAR that level of over-acting. This is coming from a fan of both remember!

Anyway, I don't care... but Gears of War didn't 'reinvent the wheel'. It's quite a good game (Gears of War 2 I'm VERY excited for!) but I don't think it's as innovative as this guy seems to believe. It just did alot of things better than any other TPS out there.