Farming Simulator 15 (PS4) Review: I’ve Got a Brand New Combine Harvester | WASDuk

Gareth from WASDuk reviews Farming Simulator 15

"Unlike Farmville and Harvest Moon,Farming Simulator 15 does not present an idealised version of the profession. There’s no comely maidens to marry and you can’t just plant a field of sunflowers or chillies and expect your mates to lend you some manure.

Farming is hard work, and more over running a successful farm requires the same smarts as it does to run any kind of successful business. So of course the best way to play the game is as a drunken lunatic that spends his time attempting destroy the hen house with a combine harvester and is generally a danger to himself and those around him. Or it is. For about five minutes, then something odd happened. I got into it."

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CursedHero1406d ago

That review is a Farming... STIMULATOR!