5 most unexpected E3 announcements

MyGaming: "The big E3 conferences have taken place, and while there were a lot of expected sequels, reboots and follow-ups announcements, they also reminded us that some secrets are able to be kept, as we round up five of the most surprising reveals coming out of this year’s expo."

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itsjustexuma1222d ago

Frankly the South Park game comes first place to me

TLG19911222d ago

i saw on another article on here a a good few people giving the new south park some s**t, i didn't really get why i thought most people really enjoyed the last one. im looking forward to it anyway. it was a pleasant surprise.

etownone1222d ago

I think the biggest megaton was FREE Backward Compatibility on xb1.

If Sony made this announcement it would be making headlines everywhere.

RedDevils1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

It's cool to have BC, but I rarely used it on my PS3 after I start getting game like UC 2, I think it'll be the same for PS4 in 2016 as well, where I will likely stop using PS3.

etownone1222d ago

It's just a huge incentive for people with a 360 looking to get an xb1.

And honestly... no matter how you spin it ... This is huge.

medman1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

I think backwards compatibility for the xbone is a great thing, but I also feel many gamers overplay how important it is. I personally barely have enough time to play all my current games, and have quite a backlog going at the moment, much less go back and replay games I've already played to death, which I could do because I still have my 360 and ps3.

I think the option of being able to go back and play older titles is great, but I don't know what percentage of gamers actually do that, or like me, own multiple consoles so it's just not that relevant for many of us. For me personally, Horizon Zero Dawn was the stunner of the entire E3 presentations...Guerilla killed with that gameplay demo. Incredible.

MSBAUSTX1221d ago

Recore looks new and fresh to me. I am looking forward to it.

Mikefizzled1221d ago

As brilliant as Horizon looked it definitely wasn't unexpected. Lots of concept art leaked a few months back and so did the nature of the game.