Did Sony just go nuclear at E3 or was it just white noise?

Sony dropped three bombs at E3 but were they bombs or just firecrackers?

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Ezz20131247d ago

I think everyone agree that Sony did amazing job at E3 and dropped huge bombs when it come to games

remixx1161247d ago

It was an amazing show, I was very surprised.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Anyway you slice it, PS4 gets FF7 remake, and while the details over exclusivity aren't clear, PS4 gets it first. If it's a timed exclusive, that's major. That to me pretty much associates a game with that console. So as far I know, the FF7 announcement is huge.

And again Shenmue 3 is Shenmue 3. I don't know the details of the partnership but is it confirmed that it's coming to XBOX One also or something? Cause if not, then it's a big win for the PS4.

So how could those be blank shots, the way this article is saying? That they didn't really belong at the PS4's conference?


If you don't care for the games that they announced for PS4 that's understandable. Surprisingly there are some people who truly believe XBOX One won E3 hands down. Some people don't care for Japanese RPG's, adventure games like The Last Guardian or innovative games like Dreams and No Man's Sky. I guess it's a matter of taste.

It seems like this gen, the XBOX One and PS4 are differencing themselves more in the type of games they are getting, than they did last gen. And that's cool. Each type of gamer can play the console that has the type of games they like.

EDIT: Even more

Another one of the biggest defenses that XBOX fans are using against PS4 is that they say most of PS4's games aren't coming out until 2017-2018 and that their games are coming out much earlier.

iSuperSaiyanGod1247d ago

Totally agree with lightening ^ it's basically a toss up on taste . I'd call e3 a tie between Sony & Microsoft . Xbox is finally stepping up & getting its name back in good graces . Sonys continue to do a great job . I'm not a huge jrpg like he stated above . So shenmu, the last gaurdian & ff doesn't interest me at all . But I definitely am looking forward to uc4 & the uc collection, also horizon & gow3. Dragon quest heroes , fall out street fighter batman ect on plaustation . For the X1 gears , halo 5 & Forza . Love the bc announcement & meanwhile Nintendo crapped away my morning waiting for anything to happen during their conference

Clogmaster1246d ago

Hilarious how people are forgetting that Xbox has had a drought this year.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

@Lightning Mr Bubbles, possibly blanks because, as you mention, those games may not be released for years, especially with Sony's track record of keeping release schedules. OTOH, Microsoft didn't even show many of its AAA games due next year, that are VERIFIED far into development.

A kickerstarter (!?), the 6+ year old tech of TLG that looks practically THE SAME from 2009 (showing a remastered PS3 title, that was on the cutting room floor and now with practically ZERO progress shown, is a megaton to some people!?!), and FFVII (that's also going to be on PC, while Sony fans CONSTANTLY insult Xbox console exclusives for being on PC)... every one of those "megatons" has major negatives, not the the least of which is delay... all while much of what Microsoft is showing is possible to use and preview in a few months or RIGHT NOW (thus NOT BLANKS)! <- That's FAR better #4theplayers... a new UI, backwards compatibility, AND FAR better exclusives THIS YEAR, yet people still think Sony won E3?

Everyone hyping those 3 (TLG, FFVII, Shenmue 3) as Sony's "megatons" appear to be exaggerating to SPIN Sony as more successful at E3 than they actually were, and I think the author ending with, "Saying that Sony won E3 is a massive overstatement", is exactly right... the only way I think people can HONESTLY (mistakenly) believe that Sony won E3 is if they mistake Sony's multiplats as exclusives.

Horizon and Uncharted 4 were brilliant (I LOVE the theme of Horizon); however, besides that, I think Microsoft won in every way, especially if you include WHAT THEY DIDN'T SHOW!

If Sony fans want to hype anything about E3, I think it is valid that they can hype how they think Uncharted 4 and Horizon looked the best to them; however, claiming that Sony won E3 based on the other "3" games is BS, AKA blanks Sony shows to simulate what firing will look and sound like many months\years before it is actually POSSIBLE FOR REAL.

Edit: Maybe people aren't clicking on the article's "2009 Debut" link,

As you can see, Sony showed more TLG looking THE SAME in 2009... if Microsoft did that with a game, Sony fans would be insulting it thousands of times over, possible for years. Suddenly last-gen rendering tech that looks dated doesn't matter to Sony fans?

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Septic1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

A BIG part of E3 is the shock value of announcements. That's what a lot of us really get excited about. Sony unleashed the dream line up, that trinity of game announcements that just a few days ago seemed so far fetched.

They went nuclear and they needed to in light of MS's extremely robust show and their own megatons.

However, we have to be careful here because there is a distinct danger of FF7 having a late release. We know how SE can drag their heels. Then there's Shenmue actually delivering on the stratospheric heights of hype that have generated over the years.

We really need concrete release dates of these games but on the face of it, the E3 show was simply wonderful. Don't expect such a great show for a while.

[edit] Oh and their games impressed a lot too. Horizon looks astonishing and Uncharted 4 removed my doubts about the visuals of the game. It is so much more than that. Really really good time to jump in on the PS bandwagon if you haven't done so.

Their 2015 lineup is a beat weak AAA exclusive wise for the latter half of this year for me but that's not too much of an issue when so much greatness awaits.

Ezz20131247d ago

How can i agree to this comment 10x times ?!

Thatguy-3101247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Couldn't agree more dude. As far as E3 goes I remember it being about the announcements themselves regardless of the release date. The live stage demos for Uncharted,Horizon and the Last Guardian were amazing and to top it of they announce games that mean so much to fans. It's obvious that their first party line up is sparse this year because even Sony has admit it to that.One can't discredit those announcements simply because the games aren't coming this year -_- like really? Freaking FF7 remake got announced and Shenmue III is going to be made and announcements like those have an impact whether people like it or not.Those are bombshells and we haven't seen them in E3 in a long time.

kraenk121247d ago

Agree 100%. Another factor is it doesn't really matter if Sony's AAA exclusive department looks a bit weak at the end of this year when the 3rd party lineup is so incredible. There are enough smaller exclusives on PS4 to keep people happy.

SakataXGintoki1246d ago

Pfft.. who needs exclusives in 2015 when you can die in Bloodborne the entire year :P.

Overall completely agree with you bro.

NewMonday1246d ago

PS4 in 2015 still has:

Persona5(my most wanted overall game ahead of Battelfront/Fallout)
Until Dawn
Everyone's gone to the Rapture

OB1Biker1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Plus many things not in the show like Rachet& Clank or the Drake collection announced a few days before or even SFV which was not at E3 last year

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Shadow Flare1247d ago

Sony dropped the Ultimate announcement. The Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is the ultimate announcement, one that fans have waited for almost 2 decades. There won't be another game announcement of that magnitude for years to come.

And for Sony to just drop that announcement into the middle of their press conference, like it's just another game on their list, just goes to show just how strong their E3 was.


poppinslops1247d ago

A remake of a 20 year old game is the best announcement ever?
Better than when it was originally announced?

Nothing beats the first playthrough... I can't think of a single remake/remaster that thrilled me more than the original.

I'd rate 'Agent' as a better get... THAT would have been impressive.

SniperControl1247d ago


Your forgetting something though, FF7 was 18 years ago, some gamers have never even played it let alone heard of it.

This remake is big because it gives the younger gamers a chance to play a truly truly great game and it's good for us golden oldies because we get to relive a masterpiece of it's time with a modern take.

I still have the original PS1 copy, the PSN version and the PC remaster, i will definitely be getting this one as well.

Tempest3171246d ago

@poppinslops A remake of a 20 year old game is the best announcement ever?
Better than when it was originally announced?" Uhhh yes...when it originally was announced no one knew that it was going to be hailed as one of the greatest rpgs, and didnt have better than a decade of people BEGGING for a yeah this announcement was way beyond what youre making it out to be

poppinslops1246d ago

I'm still way more excited for Final Fantasy XV... aren't you?

It looks like a truly fresh take on the FF template and it will almost certainly be released before the VII remake.

Ahmay1246d ago

FF7 made me want a playsatation and got one. I didnt think much of wanting a remake, but if u follow gaming news u know, that many fans wanted a remake. but there was no new of a remake. then u get some.... my excitement came from that with no negative take on it.. peeps r finally getting what they want.... be happy for others...

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fermcr1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

The problem with Sony's E3 is that a lot of those games are for 2017 and beyond.

FF7, Shenmue 3, Horizon: Zero Dawn, etc...

johndoe112111246d ago

So, when you were in the last Guerrilla Games board meeting and they said they were releasing Horizon in 2017 how did you react?

Ahmay1246d ago

been hearing this argument alot! Since when has E3 been about introducing games that are coming out this holiday season or any specific time?

UnHoly_One1246d ago

Not me. I thought it was the worst show ever.

Couldn't care less about a kickstarter sequel to games I never played, FF7 isn't a good game anymore by today's standards, and the Last Guardian looked super disappointing to me.

Horizon looked potentially cool but it's a long way off, and Fire Watch was interesting.

Then they bought a bunch of timed content, including CoD maps, the exact thing Sony fans used to consider the worst practice in the world.

I thought their conference was embarrassingly terrible, (like almost "Usher and Kinect" terrible), but that's just my opinion.

Ahmay1246d ago

AC and COD were my least favorite part of the show! activision had no press conference?

rainslacker1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

"FF7 isn't a good game anymore by today's standard"

You're right. It's actually better. The standards for video games have gone downhill since last gen. FF7 has them all beat in terms of story, presentation, and overall fun. What's funny is that FF8 is often a close contender to being the best FF ever made, and by extension is also one of the best games ever made. About the only thing better by today's standards is the graphics, but graphics don't matter right?

There is a reason that it is considered one of the best games of all time, and not many games have gotten that distinction last gen or current gen.

If you can't see why the remake is such a big deal, and if you can't see why people are finally happy to see TLG, and if you can't understand the pure pleasure that people have over Shenmue 3 finally being announced(regardless of how it's coming), then you only prove yourself to be someone who really doesn't care about games, but only cares about playing into this stupid console war.

If you can't get excited about games that are coming because they may be a ways off, then that's just sad. You've been touting up ROTTR, Halo, and GeOW for over a year now, so why does Sony not impress when they show games that may be a ways off?

UnHoly_One1246d ago

I love games. I just don't like the games you like, apparently.


I don't like Final Fantasy. Never played Shenmue. And the Last Guardian, which I've been anxious to see, looked like turds.

rainslacker1246d ago

It's fine to not like the same kinds of games as other people, but to claim their conference was "embarrassingly terrible" due to your opinion is just showing that you don't really care about games. You have no empathy towards seeing how this was a great show because your personal opinion is clouding reason.

I didn't like everything that was shown at all the conferences, but I can see why they are significant because I like games, and I know that my opinion isn't the only one that matters. Very little was shown at MS conference that really engaged me, but I didn't think it was embarrassingly terrible. I knew there were others that enjoyed what they saw, and I knew the significance of some of the announcements they made, and overall, I think they had a great conference.

And lets face it, your comment history which is usually pro-MS/anti-Sony doesn't do you any favors when you try and seem impartial.

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Magicite1246d ago

People were asking for those 3 games for ages and suddenly Sony delivered them all in 1 shot.

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ArchangelMike1247d ago

To be clear - they just went nuclear! o.0

Hellsvacancy1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

It was more like a comet wiping out the dinosaurs again when Sony announced the Final Fantasy 7 remake, as well as Shenmue 3 and The Last Guardian

To think there 's going to be no more rumours and speculation about these games anymore

That only really leaves Half Life 3

DLConspiracy1246d ago

But sony had nothing to do with Shenmue 3. It literally was a link to their kickstarter. Not knocking the announcement it was the best one at E3 for excitement. To link it to Sony because they helped promote it seems off. Still excited for Shenmue 3.

uth111246d ago

@DL it came out last night that Sony is supporting Shenmue. $2 mill isnt nearly enough to majpke a game like that

johndoe112111246d ago


It's being made for the ps4 and pc. Hence it is a console exclusive to sony, which means it is linked to sony.

DLConspiracy1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )


So this seems a bit manipulative to use kickstarter while getting funded by Sony... wow.. just read the news. Sad... Reminds me of Oculus and facebook.


I wasn't aware Sony needed to Kickstart their games.

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benji1011247d ago

3 out of 4 of their bombs are 2 years away.. It was very clever marketing and they won e3 with it, but it was all fake and marketing bs. It was genius.

Septic1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

You started off well and then just took a nose dive in the latter part of your comment.

What is fake regarding this? FF7 is not being made? Shenmue is not being made? TLG is not being made?

Ezz20131247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

According to him
they are fake because they are 2 years away as he say.

I don't even know what to say to this

DLConspiracy1246d ago

I think he was trying to say they were pulling some slight of hand sales tactics. Leaving us with a happy aftertaste and a warm feeling. While we wait for a decent stretch before we see or play the games.

green1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Shenmue III is actually 2 years 5 months away at the earlest because it says fall 2017 as an expected delivery date. So it is possible that it could slip to spring 2018.Did they announce a date for FFVII?

As much as i want to play those game, i hope this is not going to be one of those scenarios (Alan Wake, Last Guardian, Quantum Break, FF Versus 13) that years after originally unveiled, in this case 2018 E3, we will be glued to our sets shouting and screaming at delight at the gameplay reveal of these games when we should have been done with it a long time ago.

I seriously hate games being announced so early.

Thatguy-3101247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Then one shouldn't complain when new things aren't being announced so often then. Games take a while to be made. You either be patient and wait or get early announcements that eventually don't come out as fast as you would like.

never said you did. I'm generalizing because as you can see so many people have been complaining about how Sony wasn't announcing games left and right at the begging of this generation.

green1247d ago

@dboyco310: "one shouldn't complain when new things aren't being announced so often then"

I never have and never will. I like to know about games i will play in the immediate future. At most, 18 months away.

If otheres like to know what games are releaseing in the next decade, then fine by me. But for me, i do not want to know.

Hellsvacancy1247d ago

^^^^ Stay off gaming sites then, that way you can just walk into a game shop "HOLY SH!T, Final Fantasy 15 is out"

OrangePowerz1247d ago

While I agree to some extent with your issue of early game announcements in the case of FF7 remake and Shenmue 3 I rather know now when they are still quite a bit away instead of having to sit through one or two more E3 conferences and hoping that these games are being made.

green1247d ago

Wont waste my time responding to the likes of Hellsvacancy.

@orangePowerz: Thanks for the mature response. Yes Shenmue III is a great announcement. I played the original on Dreamcast in 2001 and the sequel on the original Xbox so i am a big fan. Immediately i heard the news, i went on kickstarter and pledged my support towards the game. But was really dissapointed to see end of 2017.

What even made it worse for me is that i just can't help shaking this feeling off that the game would most likely be a 2018 release.

As they truly could not raise the remaining $2 millon on their own and had to go via kickstarter, then i can understand the reason for the early annoncement. But ifnot and it is just a PR stunt, then i am dissapointed with the very early announcement but still happy that it is getting released.

For me, i have seen too many times getting hyped up for games announced at E£ only to wait years and years before i finally get to play it.

Announce it when it has reached a hefty development goal of around 40% completion.

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Thatguy-3101247d ago

Them not coming out this year is irrelevant. They are being developed and that's all that matters.

ManAnimalX1246d ago


"Them not coming out this year is irrelevant. They are being developed and that's all that matters."

No, You are wrong, if it was irrelevant, consumers wouldn't feel disappointed or angry when a game that's being developed takes years and even suffers delays.

Its relevant, to you? No. But it is a "Relevant" concern to some, many game consumers.

Thatguy-3101246d ago

The excitement that was met with those announcement say otherwise. People just care that the title is beign worked on. Them not releasing soon doesn't affect the impact that the announcement carries.

rainslacker1246d ago

If people feel disappointment for a game taking years to develop then that's kind of on them for making up their own expectations. It's pretty common knowledge how long it takes to make games among most forum goers, so if someone expects it sooner, that's their problem.

If it suffers delays, then well, they have a right to be disappointed, but for the time being, until that happens, it's not something for them to worry about. Since no release data has been given for FFVII, it's not possible to delay it yet. Shenmue 3 you may have a point, but given the dev team, and the engine, and the fact that pre-prduction was done over a decade ago, it will likely come out on time.

It seems people are projecting their concerns a bit too early. The remake obviously has some places where people would like answers to things they may be concerned about, but for the time being, it's OK to be excited, because the game is a couple years away.

cfc831247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Sony have so many fanboys and fan sites who would claim 'victory' regardless. Do you seriously think they would say xbox won if xbox hit out with a remake of a game that's a while away, a kickstarter plea for a game that hasn't started production, and short gameplay on a game that was announced 8 yearsa go. Xbox would have been slated from pillar to post for that !

Thatguy-3101247d ago

There is a reason people are psyched. You talk like these titles are just any other regular titles.
-TLG is a spiritual successor to ICO/Shadow of the colossus
-FF7 Remake is a freaking remake to one of the best gaes of all time
-Shenmue III a long awaited sequel to a beloved franchise
Microsoft doesn't have games that reach that caliber. They simply just don't.

cfc831246d ago

Fantastic for many, but at e3 many of us prefer to hear about the near future. I have a ps4 myself, so shenmue is of interest as i loved the first on sega dc. I just feel sony used cheap stunts to disguise the lack of near future plans.

rainslacker1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

" many of us prefer to hear about the near future"

Why do you watch E3 then? Most games announced there aren't for the near future, but are almost always a year or two away. Occasionally we get an announcement of a big game releasing Sony did with LBP3 and Bloodborne last year, but more often than not, it's showing games releasing soon that we already know about, or announcements of games releasing well into the future...sometimes 3+ years in the future(The Division, TLG, etc).

If you want news about stuff releasing in the near future, just use the internet. There's plenty of info there, because the lead time for E3 to the holidays isn't really far enough ahead to market a game to it's full potential.

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