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Now with a decent amount of time with game time down with Xenoblade Chronicles X it was time to give the imported version of the game a proper review, Ryatta just ended up feeling like he wanted to like the game more then he ended up doing. It's by no means a bad game and RPGs on the Wii U are few and far between, but overall just hoped for more diversity in the game. Anyway you look at it though its truly a thing of beauty and the world of X is full of beautiful scenery and locations that will stay on your mind for ages even after you finish playing the game.

Overall this game is all about traversal and combat, former is a means to the latter and the latter is all your ever feel like your doing outside of story missions, which require a fair sum of side missions to access.. also for a game that's almost a 1 player MMO its easier to just fight monsters then grind quests to get better, but discourages the few traits of diversity the game has.

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iplay1up21220d ago

Now how can Nintendo look at this game, and think Starfox looks great? This game shows the Wii U is a very capable system. If the Wii U has capabilities like this, why is Starfox all blah.

marloc_x1219d ago

>Because the game is not finished perhaps?

wonderfulmonkeyman1219d ago

Nailed it.
But I guess people will ignore that if it means pounding away at their keyboards in their haste to bury Nintendo...

espioSilver1219d ago

Is it weird I looked at the Starfox game and though it was an HD classic of the Snes unrealesahed Starfox2.. no update to the models, just prettyish textures

AJBACK2FRAG1219d ago

Nintendo's one saving grace of a miserable e3. This game look's amazing.

Moonman1219d ago

um....Super Mario Maker is my top game of E3! So there's two saving

RPGrinder1219d ago

The smash direct was miserable?

NWC was miserable?

Keep trolling

RPGrinder1219d ago

One game out of Nintendos fantastic E3