Mirror's Edge Catalyst drops gun combat entirely

Polygon: We can now confirm that EA DICE has decided to remove gun combat from Mirror's Edge Catalyst altogether.

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jimsl1ce1218d ago

Good move, this will force this game to be different from the others, it will have to find unique ways to stand out

gillri1218d ago

Agreed, really looking forward to this

Perjoss1218d ago

There's already a ton of first person games that focus on guns, let this franchise be one of the few that doesn't.

chaos9991218d ago

Going Shooter mode was impossible in the first.

Not great news

B_Dawg1218d ago

EA didn't want to ruin the game with guns? That's a suprise.

Smokingunz1218d ago

Bad news.that's one of the reasons why I liked the first one

CoLD FiRE1218d ago

Said no one ever!...except some insane dude called Smokingunz

NarooN1218d ago

Say what? The gun combat in the first game was really meh, and for good reason. It felt satisfying getting the trophy/achievement for beating the whole game without ever using a firearm.

Great move by the devs omitting them from this game.

blackblades1218d ago

That's not bad news at all, and if it's one of your reason of liking the 1st one then you clearly didn't know how to play it.

DarkBlood1218d ago

Fine by me, the game isnt even about guns in the first place and will put the focus on its parklour gameplay

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The story is too old to be commented.