Enter the Gungeon: co-op, a new tileset and a new boss

"Developer Dodge Roll showed us a few new tidbits of its upcoming 'bullet hell dungeon crawler' Enter the Gungeon at the PC Gaming show at E3."

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Timesplitter141218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Sad to say, but I think this might be the only game shown at E3 that I really want to play. That and Fallout 4, and No Man's Sky.

Everything else was either call of duty or linear single-player third person movies full of set pieces that have absolutely no gameplay value

Crimzon1218d ago

If you really want to play this then maybe check out Nuclear Throne? It's been out on early access on Steam for a while now and seems to have heavily influenced Enter the Gungeon. It's basically the same kinda game but done really well, it's incredibly fun.

I'm pretty sure that Nuclear Throne is coming to PS4 eventually as well, but controls best with a keyboard and mouse in my opinion.