Ubisoft’s biggest blunder at E3 – The Fractured But Whole

MWEB GameZone writes: "Ubisoft had a great showing at their E3 press conference, but they made one big blunder when it comes to South Park: The Fractured But Whole."

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DesVader1247d ago

Its true, Ubisoft had a great show. I'm not a particular fan of Southpark, so, on balance, Ubisoft are still in my good books. I think PS3 and 360 being ignored going forward is going to happen more and more.

Sillicur1247d ago

It definately is and for me it makes sense when a game runs on a next-gen engine that requires a lot of power, but for a game like SP, its a bit strange. Especially since the 2014 release didnt come to current-gen

LightofDarkness1247d ago

It costs money with licensing, disc pressing, distribution, advertising etc. They also have to actually port the game's code over to these machines, and possibly downgrade some things for performance. It's probably not worth the investment, you can be sure they've at least done a SWOT analysis on it.

And as an aside, it's been nearly 10 years. Let the old consoles go.

bmf73641247d ago

It would just end up costing Ubisoft more for a cross-gen game. To be fair, Ubisoft is the only company looking ahead. A good amount of new releases are still cross-gen. Call of Duty, BF:Hardline, Resident Evil HD, complaints of 7th gen dragging out for too long is what lead to the 2013 release of the PS4/X1

Choc_Salties1247d ago

Meh, I got what I wanted from E3 - Ubisoft's offerings isn't amongst that...

Sillicur1247d ago

True, there were many better showings, but your profile pic :) #just saying :)

starchild1247d ago

Ubisoft had an excellent show in my book. For Honor was one of the top three new game announcements at E3, IMO. I'm also really looking forward to Ghost Recon Wild Lands, The Division, AC Syndicate and South Park TFBW.

SirBillyBones1247d ago

Ridiculous. Everything has to end at some point and now is the time for old gen to be retired. Ubisoft aren't the first, and saying the game looks the same isn't a justification for keeping it on old gen.

Genova841247d ago

Seriously. I can't wait to play it on pc. Am I going to bitch that it doesn't look better on pc then on xbone or ps4? Heck no! A game like this cohld probably run on the wii u. Why aren't people bitching about that? 360 and ps3 are dead. Get over it.

jay21247d ago

Ubi have done the right thing why restict your self. Their biggest bunder was no bgae2!!!!!!!!

hkgamer1247d ago

who cares about last gen. stick of truth ran terribly on consoles considering how those games looked. I guess the devs could be blamed for making such bad console ports but at the end of the day those consoles are too weak.

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The story is too old to be commented.