Here's How No Man Sky's Day-Night Cicle Will Work and Why We Should Care

Sean Murray explains how the day-night cicle of No Man's Sky will work and why we should care.

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ArchangelMike1405d ago

I thought the E3 showing for ths game was awesome. The more I hear about No Man's Sky, the more I get excited for it. I love the whole premise of trying to get to the centre of the universe, while there are raiders and space pirates etc.

Well, I plan on being the first to get there on launch day. I'll get in my ship point it at that sun in the centre and activate warp engines. Surely it'll only take me a few hundred hours to get there, and I mean, what could possibly go wrong!!? :D

Immorals1405d ago

I dunno, the more I hear about this game, the less I'm excited for it.

They seem to be dodging the question 'what will keep us interested for longer than a few hours?'.

Lon3wolf1405d ago

You can ask that of any game, IMO this sort of game will depend on how you like to explore/discover more than anything, but I don't know obviously :)

starrman19851405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Bound to get a ton of disagrees for that, but I agree - to a degree!

I've never been so excited for a game that doesn't quite seem to be a game! From a sandbox point of view I could see things getting stale after several hours of finding planets etc, it depends what there is to do on these planets.

Will there be a quest system, side activities etc. He said they have trading, do we trade materials? what are these materials for? Crafting ships? structures? weapons? Admittedly I haven't read up a great deal on No Man's Sky, I have watched every video though.

I am 100% excited for it though, I just have my reservations on the lifespan, depending on what is actually available once it comes out.

Mr Pumblechook1405d ago

I want this game but am suffering from press conference preview fatigue. Just give us a date already. Although the fact that they haven't said 'This Christmas' makes me think it will be 2016.

Poroz1405d ago

I want to be excited, but I have been let down too many times.

medman1405d ago

I can understand where you're coming from, but in a game big on exploration and one that is procedurally generated, I feel I should be the one making the discoveries. The less said by Hello Games the better, in my opinion.

3-4-51405d ago

* For me, this game already has enough, anything more is bonus.

* I'm cool with just wandering around planets and exploring and finding new things, and trading and making money and buying new ships.

If there is more to it, then cool, if not, I'd play the heck out of it as it is.

iceman061405d ago

I don't think that they are quite dodging the question so much as leaving it up to YOU to answer. There will be some people that just want to explore. Others will want to rage war. Some might want to set up as traders. Each will find interest in that particular venture. No Man's Sky just isn't a typical game. It's seems more open to your individual whims. Sure, the goal for everybody is the same. How we get there? Not so much.

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bunt-custardly1405d ago

For me the appeal is:

1. Being able to explore infinitely with the prospect of always finding something new - a bit like in an MMO hunting for rare gear drops.

2. Gathering as much coin by gathering resources and trading so I can upgrade my ship to its fullest.

3. Choosing sides when I want to and being a meanie on one day, a saviour the next.

4. The ultimate botanist discovering new lifeforms and sharing those discoveries.

5. Putting my name on an infinitely large map.

ArchangelMike1405d ago

That's the apeal for me to. But I think they know that they can only really focus on a very limited number of planets, and I think those will be the ones at the centre of the galaxy.

Shineon1405d ago

PC seems to be getting exclusives from both sides

Lon3wolf1405d ago

It does but I am still glad I have the consoles for those that don't make the jump so I can play them still.

ScorpiusX1405d ago

Cool can't wait to play, but under the timed exclusivity deal I will just have to wait . Anyhow best of luck to Murray & Co.

someOnecalled1405d ago

so im guessing they didnt have this game out on the floor for people can play

djdrake131405d ago

I bet you can't play it until it comes out. I think they will have servers that store info on where everyone has been.. I guess they could reset it, but it sounds like they won't. I bet this is gonna be buggy as hell too when it comes out, but let's pray not. I'm getting it day one no matter what.