[E3] Here's why you should be cautious about Until Dawn

Until Dawn's brief demo showcased today was pretty good. There’s just some quirks that can’t be shaken off and will most certainly diminish the quality of the final product when it hits shelves if they're not fixed.

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sinncross1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

I think the problem is that only one part of an entire game was played... theres lot of choices to make.
need longer play previews to really get an idea.

johndoe112111315d ago

I think they did the demo like that because they didn't want to give too much of the story away. Had they allowed everyone to experience different scenarios based on the choices they made would have probably ruined some surprises they have on the final release.

medman1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

In response to the headline....I choose to live life flying balls first, caution be damned.

Yukes1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Agree with sinncross, but why didn't they include a section where the repercussions of the player's choices were immediate and apparent? Haven't they hard of the water cooler effect?

SaveFerris1315d ago

You mean the Xbox One? /s

hkgamer1315d ago

I guess they could have chosen those sections, its strange that they didn't but maybe it was deliberate. Could possibly have a B ending to that scenario where it is stupidly hard to achieve, possibly have to shove a mic in and start shouting at it.

I call it the P.T effect

Toiletsteak1315d ago

This game looks interesting but i am going to wait for the reviews before i decide to pick it up.

Kane221315d ago

well if i went off by reviews then. GTa 4 is the best game ever and we all know how that worked out...

Toiletsteak1315d ago

I mean i will use the reviews to help me decide, i won't just look at the score, i want to know more from it first.

SmielmaN1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Reviews in video gaming are a complete waste of time and a sham. Many get paid to be friendly to certain publishers titles. That's why marketing costs so much all round. If your on a site that has been plastered with COD ads all month do you think your seeing a bad review for it when it's released? Nope. It's not about integrity, it's just business.

No waiting for reviews for me. Preordered it and will happily play it once it arrives.

Not sure if many know abou this but if you preorder 3 or more games from Amazon you get 30% off the order. Cancelled my entire 12 game preorder on bestbuy and switched to Amazon, got an extra game (how could I forget Zelda?!) and it still cost less. Added up it was equal to getting 4 games for free out of the 13 I ordered. Just a FYI.

TeamLeaptrade1315d ago

I usually hear about how good or bad a game is from my friends. I will also go by what gameplay trailers showcase. I rarely bother with reviews anymore these days. To me, I feel, I will only know if I like it or not. You can also go the route of renting it too.

zsquaresoff1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

This is one of those games where you just know that people are waiting to give it a bad review because...

A. Its a sony exclusive. Forbes probably have their review already ready.

B. Its based off of trashy horror movies from the 80's which for some odd reason people love to hate.

Im just going to buy this game because I love horror movies, especially the one from the 80's.

pompombrum1315d ago

Really, how can anyone hate on 80s horror movies? Best era for horrors imho.

Eterna1Ice1315d ago

And where does this bad review starts for you exactly?

Kribwalker1315d ago

Or because we are hearing similar things to the order, and they never fixed the complaints in the order so who is to believe this game will be fixed?

deaddragonz1315d ago

I plan to buy it day 1. It interests me and seems fun so far. It's also something different to play.

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1nsomniac1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

How is it based off 80's horror??

If anything its based around 00's cheesy American teen horror.

Scatpants1315d ago

I agree, it looks more like it was influenced by the Scream movies.

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