Dark Souls 3 Closed Doors Demo with Miyazaki by Fextralife

A detailed article on Dark Souls 3 from Fextralife's demo with Hidetaka Miyazaki. Fextralife asked about Soul Memory, Soul Signs, Hubs, and many mechanics the players want to know about!

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1245d ago
camel_toad1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Gimme gimme gimme. Nice preview. Argh weve got a lot of great games ahead of us. Best E3 in a while.

Im happy to hear it has no world hub. Really prefer the dark souls one-giant-world-metroidvania layout.

himdeel1245d ago

I didnt play DS2 but really excited to eventually play DS2 and cannot wait to play DS3.

camel_toad1245d ago

Its never too late to play it ;)

Forn1245d ago

So looking forward to this!

Swiggins1245d ago

Nice to see Fextralife branching out to other websites, pretty soon it's going to be one of the big dog gaming sites.