Cliffy B on Project Bluestreak and creating guns for 40-year-olds

Boss Key Studios head Cliff Bleszinski took some time to talk about his latest game, an arena shooter called Project Bluestreak, during the PC Gaming Show at E3 2015.

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ColManischewitz1403d ago

As someone who's in their 40s, I get it. I feel like this hurts me in MOBAs, too.

camel_toad1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

36 here so I feel it too. He makes sense in what he's saying which surprises me because I've generally hated most things he has said regarding games not to mention his weird-ass past persona - even though I usually like or love the games he's a part of.

I've started to wonder if my own gamer skills have hit their peak and it's all downhill from here but DAMNIT I sure won't stop playing.

And in response to what you said about MOBA's - god I hate MOBA communities in general. It brings out the worst in people.

IamTylerDurden11402d ago

Come save gears 4 Clifford, please!!!