Xbox exec: Unannounced Kinect games in development internally and by third parties


"The Kinect, the camera and microphone array once considered by Microsoft to be an incontrovertibly important piece of its new console, quickly fell out of the limelight once it stopped being sold with the latest Xbox One."

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WhyHate1408d ago

Cool, I was starting to think that Phil was full of it when he stated that Kinect games were still in development about a month ago. As long as they are good games i'm all for it.

Stop the Kinect hate.

ballsohard20131408d ago

shit man cmon... you have an excellent e3 and you gotta go eff it up. Well as a future XBO customer i have below zero interest in Kinect... I would like an XBO Slim if the rumours are true.

Svinya1408d ago

Wtf? Most people like their kinect and want GOOD kinect games. Me included.

WizzroSupreme1408d ago

Probably wise of them to keep it under wraps. Xbox's E3 was all about console stuff, not Kinect. I still like it as an idea though and I'm glad they're continuing with advancing it. Just not E3 material anymore though. It's something you can enjoy playing yourself, not watching everyone on a stage do it.

ShowanW1408d ago

Thank u Phil. I paid $500 for my One w/Kinect, and wanted Kinect.

All I ever asked is, that u support what u sell.

If people dont like Kinect that's cool, pay it no mind.

Not everything is for everyone.

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