Worry not, pet lovers - Fallout 4's Dogmeat can't die


"I'm sure a few things ran through your head when you saw that adorable dog show up in the Fallout 4 reveal. First: "Awwwwwww, how adorable!" Second: "Wait, that dog is going to die, isn't he?" Well, I'm here to put your fears to rest. According to a Tweet sent out by Bethesda Studios quoting Fallout 4 producer Todd Howard, your canine companion Dogmeat can't die."

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DarkBlood1218d ago

well that decreases tension in gameplay a tiny bit i think.

Christopher1218d ago

I'm a dog lover, and I kinda wish that wasn't so. I mean, I'm also a human love, but I can also kill tons of them and die myself. Why not the potential to lose your best friend? Or, at least force you to reload a save when you do?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

When I first saw the trailer, I was like thinking "I hope that dog finds some food and water in this wasteland".

And then when I saw he's actually with the main character, I was like "it's okay, no need to worry."

But I kind of agree with Christopher,(except for the love for humans part) it should be that the dog could die if you don't protect it right. It shouldn't be off limits to harm, that makes it unrealistic.

morganfell1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I have to disagree here. I am also a dog lover, have 3 rescues, and think its a smart move as it decreases gamer frustration. How many times have we had an AI partner die even though we did everything perfectly? Look at The Witcher 3 and what would happen if Roach could die. It might sound good at first but eventually the time would come when some good moment went awry and you found yourself reloading the game and not very happy about it.

Otherwise they would need to add the dog-o-matic to your Pip Boy so you could just keep popping them out. Then Dogmeat ceases to be a character because you could just keep replacing him. He isn't a companion then, just a device you replace when it wears out or stops functioning when he is an should be valuable to you from a personal and tactical view. I understand that his ability to die would make you more careful but there appears to be a massive amount of adventuring to be done in this game and constant worrying over him would slow you to a snail's pace. This isn't The Last of Us where the post apocalypse is this grim dark place. Things are a little lighter here and rightly so.

Paulino301218d ago

Because no one likes to play escort missions. Imagine dropping 100+ hours having to guard your dog so he won't get kill and then having to reload again after he dies. Who woul want to play that.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1218d ago

The heck did they do that for?....

LamerTamer1218d ago

I hope you don't need to bring that fleabag everywhere you go. It would be kind of annoying and break the mood to have that running around you always.

Antifan1218d ago

I'll just keep him at the base to defend it. Companions slow me down.

Arty841218d ago

I say keep the deaths optional through the difficulty choice options

also allow us to mutate or enhance the dog cybernetically, maybe even kill him and transplant the brain into a vicious robo dog

Christopher1218d ago

This is a great idea. Don't set a de facto rule, let the player decide it through difficulty selection/sliders.

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The story is too old to be commented.