E3 2015: AMD Announces Compact Super Computer ‘Project Quantum’

Hardcore Gamer: It wouldn’t be a true PC Gaming Conference without a technology reveal, and AMD certainly didn’t disappoint.

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DarkBlood1220d ago

well damn think i might get this instead of going through troubles trying to build my own first gaming rig

crazychris41241220d ago

Hope you got a lot of cash cuz it won't be cheap. Could be $2k could be $5k since we only the the GPUs n nothing else.

Ark_1220d ago

I think that's a vast exageration chris.
Below 1k is my guess.

crazychris41241220d ago

@ark the GPUs alone are worth $1300. It's gonna be at least $2.5k n it could go up to $5k for all we know.

Ark_1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )


... yeah. I've just read another article. Two Fiji chips in crossfire liquid cooled ... coming in later this year.

I stay corrected. Will defo be WAY above my first guess.

DevilOgreFish1220d ago

you can actually spend much more with a console plus accessories, games and online.

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HaveAsandwich1220d ago

"Any game at 4k 60fps"

get ready to get your checkbooks out

Ark_1220d ago

Mark my words: Since console gaming shifted towards X86 hardware, the future fight will take place between Operating Systems or distribution platforms. Win10 and SteamOS are the big hitters the next decade.

Project Quantum is an example for "consolized" PCs. More and more firms going that direction. I wouldn't even wonder, if the next Nintendo console will be based on X86, open it up for easy third party development.

With VR coming in, it really will get interesting ...