Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Story Could Deviate from the Original

When asked if the remake, in development for PlayStation 4, will follow the Final Fantasy VII narrative exactly or feature new elements, director Tetsuya Nomura gave GameSpot an ambiguous answer.

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Horyzon1404d ago

YES! Just imagine if FF7R comes with VII-2. I hope they show a gameplay or trailer at PSX!

3-4-51404d ago

What if they just add stuff to the beginning and end ? Then it wouldn't be so bad.

blitz06231404d ago

Part of the reason why we wanted the remake is because of the story. Gameplay... I'm not sure how I would feel if they turn it to Action RPG, but the story, minor changes sure, but overall plot shouldn't be messed around

hay1403d ago

I just hope they finish it this time, as they couldn't complete the original. Praying for Xenogears to be next.

mabreu1403d ago

This remake will be epic!

The original was the most expensive video game of its time. Even the movie Advent Children's budget was like $100 Million, and took 3 years to make that. I can't even imagine how expensive this remake will be. Would not be surprised if it's around $300 million. Hopefully, this remake won't be a long wait.

Harkins17211403d ago

@mabreu Idk ur getting a diagree. Because I agree with you. This will be epic. Even if they add things in and complete it this time. I trust Nomura. He was there along with Kitase/Nojima when this game was being made. Props to them for doing this. Hope things go smooth!

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CorndogBurglar1404d ago

I wouldn't mind if they deviatw from the story a bit. I just want it to be turn based.

Harkins17211403d ago

I think it will be turn baed. Just an evolved system close to FF7 with materia upgrades.

OverKillz691404d ago

I think they'll add new characters such as genesis,angeal(i know He's dead),and some dude from crisis core
at the end of crisis core 2 or 3 guys who dress like soldier 1st class pick up genesis they might show up in new ff7r

pasta_spice1404d ago

I might be alone here but I really hope they don't include Genesis in the ff7 remake. He's such a useless character and wouldn't add much to the ff7 story without feeling shoe-horned in.

Cid331404d ago

think they will add some changes from the psp game and movie

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-Foxtrot1404d ago

What did Sydney say

"You forgot the first thing about remakes don't f*** with the original"

Bimkoblerutso1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

But think of it...the first half could be FF7 except Aeris lives, and then they could add a second life-simulator half in which Aeris and Cloud marry and inevitably separate when Aeris gives birth to Barrett's child. How does that not sound like fun!?

Outside_ofthe_Box1404d ago

This was my first thought when I read the title.

I wouldn't mind a story change as long as everything is the same EXCEPT Aeris lives. It would be interesting.

rainslacker1404d ago

Aerith dying was a pretty important part of the story. She was killed for a reason.

Dasteru1404d ago

"But think of it...the first half could be FF7 except Aerith lives, and then they could add a second life-simulator half in which Aerith and Cloud marry and inevitably separate when Aerith gives birth to Nanaki's child. Throw in some beheadings and necrophilia for good measure. Oh and it ends with them failing to stop Meteor and the world getting blown to hell. How does that not sound like fun!?"

Fixed for you.

Sevir1404d ago

Key things from the first game has to happen. But I kind of new it was a reimagining based on the narration that was going on during the announcement trailer.

rainslacker1404d ago

I think it may try to tie itself better into Advent Children. The reunion was part of what that was all about. OTOH, the reunion was also part of the original FF7, just it had a different context. I could see them adding in some of the AC bad guys so they have more of a backstory and don't just show up like they did in AC. Could also probably tie in parts of Crisis Core more into Cloud's memories.

There was a post on how the narration was more about how the fans have been asking for it for a while. Can't seem to find it though, but gave a line by line description on why they felt that way, and I kind of liked that. But the narration also had plenty of ties to the actual game, so it may have served a dual purpose, or maybe people are just reading too much into it.

DarkBlood1404d ago

maybe its a way to leave it open for future stories in the "7" series should it gain any further momentum after the release

PiNkFaIrYbOi1404d ago

...this worries me much and stuff. Hope they don't mess it up or make so many changes that it destroys the game and stuff.

DragonKnight1404d ago


SE, stop. Stop everything you're thinking right now. DO NOT MESS WITH THE STORY!

_-EDMIX-_1404d ago

They could be adding in stuff from Crisis Core and even arks to fit Advent Children. Consider they might want to a spin off or sequel that is Advent children and want it to properly tie into FFVII. In order for that to happen, they must add a few things to make sure when they do a sequel or spin off, it makes sense.

DragonKnight1404d ago

No. I'm sorry but no. Them messing with the story in anyway is a bad idea simply because of what the studio has devolved into. They will not be able to resist to put their own stupid spin on it. Unless they add the Crisis Core/Before Crisis elements exactly as they were made in their respective games, and only in the instances where they would fit, then they should just leave it alone. I don't want them FFXIII'ing it up with convoluted tripe. And a cutscene at the end of the game can hint at a sequel or spinoff. Hell, they still did nothing with DoC's secret ending.

ameliabaz1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

I hope they don't add too much stuff from the Compilation. Many of the additions to the FF7 lore haven't been all that good (especially the stuff from Dirge of Cerberus) or have outright changed major aspects of the original FF7 story.

For example, Genesis being the person who tips Sephiroth over the edge of sanity during the Nibelheim incident. It's an unnecessary change that shoehorns a pointless character into a classic scene.

Sevir1404d ago

It wouldn't be messing with, in this sense, they've fleshed a lot out for FF7's universe so keeping the central pillars of the game intact while emphasizing and adding things to make certain of those pillars more meaning full is a good idea. I'm thinking this would be more of FF7:Director's cut things they never got to put in due to time constraints and hardware limitations.

Think for a second... It's a remake of FF7 but it's already not the same... It's going to be voiced the cutscenes are going to be shot differently. .. Scenes the way we remember them Wont be the same. The game often switched angels while traversing the world... I'm pretty sure those will be far more streamlined to reflect modern practices with the industry, as FF has become VERY cinematic...

I've played through 7 many times and thought Damn that angle in this section looks GOD aweful or man that section where cloud was having flash backs with sephiroth could have be shot better.

Adrian_v011403d ago


if you think the story doesn't need changes you're wearing your nostalgia glasses. As much as I loved the story, which was explained well after 3 spin offs and a movie, the story of FFVII already was a confusing mess with many holes in it. And especially with the spin offs existing, it needs some changing to make sense.

while Crisis Core had fun gameplay and lovable characters, DoC had a better story and it tied in better with the main story of FFVII. In the context of the world, DoC story made more sense, the one winged monsters from Crisis Core felt out of place.

_-EDMIX-_1403d ago

@Dragon- Me " In order for that to happen, they must add a few things"

"No. I'm sorry but no" - Dragon K

"only in the instances where they would fit, then they should just leave it alone" -Dragon K

...ok now, which is it? Is it "No" as if it needs zero changes or "only in the instances where they would fit"

Soooo what did you think I meant? I'm very much saying to add things to make Crisis Core and Advent Children (if it where to be FFVII-2 or something) work.

Never did I just say make it over all different. I don't think it will be all just redone just for lolz, it will likely stay very true to its original game, with the exception of clearly up certain things in the story to make fit with other possible entries.

Consider when MG1 and 2 where ported to PS2 in MGS3 Subsistence, they changed certain things to fit what MGS is now vs what it was then, to have the story make much more sense. I'm very much ok with that.

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VileAndVicious1404d ago

I feel like square has been messing with 7's story for a while now.... crisis core and advent children included.

Qrphe1404d ago

Read the article, don't read headlines

DragonKnight1404d ago

My comment is relevant regardless of either. SE need to leave the story alone. I don't care what they want to add, what they want to remove, what they think needs to change. The story is fine the way it is, the only work it may need is localization errors, everything else needs to remain the same. Nomura's answer makes it sound like, for the sake of not competing with themselves and in the interests of money, they'd change the remake's story just so it's not exactly the same as their ridiculous port.

Well, scrap the stupid port. We don't need it.

Qrphe1404d ago

This is probably the quote the article was specifically baiting from:
“You’ll have this extremely, very, very pretty FFVII existing on the same plane. We feel that if that happens, it’s like, why have the same exact game?"
It could literally mean anything and story isn't even targeted in it.

People are jumping the gun with their reactions. BTW I do agree with the idea behind your opinion.

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