Halo 5's giant multiplayer mode is fun for everyone — even for Halo amateurs - The Verge

There's a lot to shoot in Halo 5: Guardians' large-scale multiplayer mode, Warzone. That's especially important if you're not as good at first-person shooters. Last night Theverge had a chance to play Warzone. At times, it felt like playing a completely different game than everyone else — which is fine, because we spent most of the time jumping in a mech.

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1221d ago
maybelovehate1221d ago

Since Xbox One only supports 8 person parties I wonder if you will be able to play in groups of 12? Or maybe the new update is upping the support to a higher number. Or I suppose you could use Skype for audio but still not sure how you would get all 12 players together.

mhunterjr1221d ago

Why not just use the game chat?

maybelovehate1221d ago

I suppose that is fine once the group has been formed. But traditionally I use party chat to get everyone together. I was just curious more than anything, and kind of hoping this means we will get 12 player parties now.

mhunterjr1221d ago

Halo Warzone looks awesome. I wish 343i would have spent more time with it during the e3 presentation instead of showing that boring campaign segment... (Or picked a better campaign segment)

maybelovehate1221d ago

I really liked that segment. Didn't give too much away but definitely showcased the lighting and squad based gameplay.

mhunterjr1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

I just didn't find it fun to watch... The squad commands appear to work very similarly to any other game with squad mechanics... As did the scan mechanic. As did the revive mechanic, I really didn't need those that take so much of the demo time.

I would have rather seen some other the things that make the halo sandbox special. The dynamism, the enemies, the vehicles, etc.

The whole crumbling walkway sequence was useless. Also, They really didn't give a decent look at enemy AI behaviors. They didn't do anything to alleviate concerns about the corridor level design from H4.

The Halo2 reveal was the pinnacle of halo reveals... It was open, action packed, and quickly demonstrated all the exciting new gameplay features in a way that looked FUN. The audience was cheering as each new feature was demonstrated in spectacular fashion... This played out more like "oh, I guess there's squad commands now..."

JJShredder1221d ago

I think this will be my holiday shooter this year....

-Blops 3 looked underwhelming
-Battlefront wont even work for the first 4 months and still has a lot of questions.
-No Doom 4 yet : (

Halo deserves our money almost solely for the fact that DLC is free.

Dread1221d ago

I might be in the minority, but I think this is the most fun looking game/mode I have seen yet in E3.

Also, I do not know if others agree, but the graphics look amazing, particularly after considering the scope and the hundreds of things going on at th esame time. Wow!!!!

I cant wait for this.

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