E3 2015, Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix... Who Won?

Dan and Joe share their feelings on Sony's, Nintendo's, and Square Enix's press conferences. Who's conference was the one to rise above the rest? Which one failed to meet expectations? (This episode was in edited.)

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DarkOcelet1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

In terms of Games... Square Killed it with their amazing lineup

In terms of shocking announcement... Sony was a clear winner with the trifecta.

In terms of cool features... MS showed awesomness.

In the end though, everyone is a winner. This is the best E3 from all three parties.

AzubuEntus1222d ago

Nintendo's pres conference was pretty disappointing imo.

DarkOcelet1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I never mentioned Nintendo. I didn't want to bother.

Aloy-Boyfriend1222d ago

Sony started strong and ended strong. Horizon stole the show for me. Then Final Fantasy VII hit me in the feels. Nothing can top that for me.

The others had a great conference too. Too bad Nintendo was the only one who sucked

Ezz20131222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Uncharted 4 and Horizon and TLG gameplay
made my jaw drop

Uncharted 4 demo was pure gold those guys keep do this ?!
uncharted 2 was one of the most awarded games in history
then The Last Of Us come out to become the MOST awarded game in history
and now dat sexy uncharted 4 demo was out of this world
the gameplay was intense as hell
and they took alot from TLOU combat which is awesome
the attention to details is top tier
the graphics is amazing
the animation is on another level
that was the highlight from E3 to me
the game have GOTY contender written all over it
ND is on a roll here
those guys are made of magic

Horizon is freaking incredible...that one took me by surprise
Didn't see that one coming AT ALL
the world looked amazing
the gameplay looked amazing
the graphics are incredible
GG really outdone themself with this one

TLG is real and the gameplay is amazing ...enough said

that's all i care about for now
and looking at gaming sites
it seems i'm not the only one who feel like that too.

darthv721222d ago

Credit to Sony for getting Yu on stage to promote the kickstarter but their other announcements werent really "shocking" Last guardian was expected and FF7 remake was always rumored to be in development even back to the crisis core and dirge of cerberus days.

A "shocking" announcement is usually one that there was NO hint of what-so-ever. That has to be the BC for the XB1. 2nd to that is the ability to allow mods from the pc will work on the XB1 (and PS4) fallout 4.

It was the best E3 from 2 out of 3 parties. Nintendo's was, um how do i put this... disappointing. Star Fox was a given, name change for mario maker and no new metroid game. Missed opportunity right there.

But yes, the gamers and those in attendance are the real winners.

DualWielding1222d ago

Sony and Microsoft A+
Bethesda A-
Square Enix A-
EA and Ubisoft B+
Nintendo F

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Concertoine1222d ago

You really cant go wrong with saying MS or Sony. They were both almost equal for me.

Magicite1222d ago

I liked both Sony and SE, but Nintendo was just...

TwilightSparkle1222d ago

Me. I have all three and im getting a pc soon :)

megamanX21222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

lol sony obviously. Nintendo and Microsoft was the worst ever....i almost fell asleep. Just to put things in perspective nobody can really win e3 that's just immature thinking, but sony did have the better showing.

Bathyj1222d ago

Well thats what they mean by winning. They dont literally win E3 and get to take it home with them and put it on their mantle.

MRMagoo1231222d ago

Well they should have made one for Sony to take home imo after that show ....I still can't believe ff7 remake is coming and then horizon along with dreams and uncharted just made it the best e3 for years I think.

PlayableGamez1222d ago

Microsoft did bad?
Did you even watch the conference?

megamanX21221d ago

yes and almost fell asleep during everything that wasn't tomb raider.

Rhezin1222d ago

to be fair I thought M$ had a great press conference as well. Halo Guardians looks incredible as does Gears 4. I only have a ps4, but damn those X1 games looked good, I can't deny it…not to mention the backwards compatibility...

someOnecalled1222d ago

pc conference didnt start yet , but we know the answer already

WizzroSupreme1222d ago

Sony killed it with Final Fantasy VII, a console exclusive Hitman, a dated Last Guardian, and the new IP I think I've been waiting for in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

DarkOcelet1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

A dated Last Guardian???

I think it will blow our minds. Just wait and see. And Hitman isnt exclusive. Sony has exclusive content, thats all.

SmielmaN1222d ago

I think he meant "dated" as in it now has a date in 2016. At least that's what I read.

yarbie10001222d ago

Hitman isn't a PS4 exclusive

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