Yu Suzuki Talks Shenmue III, Gives More Details on The Game and its New Focus

Yesterday legendary Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki took the internet by storm, kicked Kickstarter on its knees and gathered two million dollars in pledges in less than nine hours with Shenmue III.

Today, he provided more information about the game during a livestream from the E3 showfloor.

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loopygames1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Sony has clarified its role in Shenmue 3 in a recent official stream on the game, and revealed it's helping to bring Yu Suzuki's project to life.

Following its spectacular announcement at Sony's E3 conference, there were questions about what the company's involvement was, and why Shenmue 3 was going to Kickstarter at the same time as appearing on-stage. The $2 million amount announced as a goal on the Kickstarter - which was surpassed within 9 hours - doesn't appear to pertain to the game's entire budget, and instead has been used as proof of interest in the project before other investors dive in.

"Sony and PlayStation is definitely a partner in this game," Sony PlayStation's director of third party production and developer relations Gio Corsi. "It's going be run through Third-Party Production. We're going to help Ys Net get the game done. We're going to be partners on it the whole way." -

freshslicepizza1245d ago

people have been talking about this game for years so now it's time to put up or shut up by allowing the community to speak with their dollars.

Dir_en_grey1245d ago

Kickstarter so Mr. Yu Suzuki can keep the IP.
Even SEGA is gracious enough to give the IP usage back to it's creator.
This project is to complete the dreams of every Shenmue fan including Mr. Yu Suzuki himself.

_-EDMIX-_1245d ago

....I'm not sure where you heard that lol. Sega still owns the IP, I've heard nothing of Sega giving it or selling it etc. Sega is likely licensing it out.

galgor1245d ago

Still the damndest thing I've ever seen. It's finally happening. I think this might have been the first year in many that no rumours of shenmue 3 showing up at e3 occurred. And here it is!

Thank you Mr.Suzuki.

blib1245d ago

There were rumours when Yu Suzuki tweeted a picture of a Forklift. If you get your news from N4G you would have missed that though, as the story was declined.

galgor1244d ago

I'm glad to have missed that. The surprise element for me was beyond megaton!

ManAnimalX1244d ago

no, they did, there were rumors, and me and a few others tried to submit an article that speculated just that, but[], wouldn't approve the article.


joeorc1245d ago

Now all Sony an yu-Suzuki has to do is convince Sega to give up the goods and allow a Shenmue1&2 HD to be

_-EDMIX-_1245d ago

Very, very likely. I think Sega will do it as Sega is bringing over Yaukza 5 based on Sony's third party relations teams

(and seriously folks, go on the PS blog and thank those dudes, they very much got something done that fans have been asking for, for years, want a game..ported? Brought to the west? etc merely ask on the blog and if its loud enough, it can very much get the ball rolling on many, many titles fans have been wanting for years)

But I expect Sega to very much port over both games as they will do ports if the demand is there and its clear by that Kickstarer, that fans will pay money for just funding it with nothing in return immediately.

DigitalRaptor1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

I sincerely hope so, because much of the importance of the series (apart from being allowed to continue), is the way in which the games flow from one to another.

If you played Shenmue on Dreamcast, you could transfer your save to Shenmue II on the Dreamcast (forget the darn Xbox version), and all your progress and collected items would be available to use and inspect, rather than generated for you. Also, additional stats to do with your fighting skill level carry over. That is why I think it's equally as important to get the HD Remasters out there to introduce new gamers to the series, as it is to enhance the continuity of the games.

If Shenmue I & II receive the same attention from SEGA, as Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster did from Square Enix, then we would all be in for a treat. Just imagining the cross-save functionality between a PS4 and Vita version makes my mouth water. This NEEDS to happen.

Shazz1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

I'd say by time the 31 days is up it reaches around 4 million. Sony will no doubt stump up about 10 million at least. Dreams do come true for gamers. I think this is Sony's way if saying thank your for all the ps4 sales ;)

FlyingFoxy1245d ago

i'm glad at least that fans got to get it started off by paying to fund it, if Sony did this first it would never be coming to PC.

It's a bit sad that Sony only funds it now that it hit its goal so fast, they should've listened that so many people wanted it from the start.

Loktai1245d ago

They were already involved and funding it before it hit its goal, do you think they brought Yu Suzuki and put Shenmue III on stage for shits and giggles?

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