Final Fantasy 7 remake was underway before the PS4 PC port was announced

Final Fantasy 7's remake, announced during Sony's show at this week's E3, captured a fair amount of attention, and a few questions snatched at the end of a roundtable about Kingdom Hearts 3 with its director Tetsuya Nomura revealed a bit more.

Nomura, who was a character designer on the 1997 original, is clearly excited about the prospect. "The talks about making this remake, internally it's been mentioned on and off," he told Eurogamer's Aoife Wilson in the interview. "Sometimes we think we can do it, and then sometimes we think maybe we can't. Considering some of the original staff, like Kitase, he's acting as producer, and [Kazushige] Nojima, he's doing the script - we're all getting older! If we keep going like this, the thought occurred to us that we might have to pass this on to a younger generation, without the original developers taking part. It doesn't seem like such a grand intention, but we wanted to do it with the original members."

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DarkOcelet1315d ago

That game has alot of expectations to live up to but with the original team and Nomura on the helm. I think they will nail this game.

JRPG triumphant is imminent.

Relientk771315d ago

Wait really lol

Then why you announce the PC port Troll Enix -_-

tanukisuit1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

They are still trying to push/promote the PS1 port for PS4, and they recently announced an iOS port too! lol

Kleptic1314d ago

wait i'm lost again...

the PS4 is getting a port of the FF7 PC version...right? That was the slightly higher res PC version that released in 1998, but otherwise is identical to the PS1 1997 game.

but this announcement yesterday, the FF7 'remake', is a new game entirely, correct?

Snookies121314d ago

@Kleptic - Yes, the PS4 will be getting the PC port of the PS1 game as well as the full remake that's under development.

aLucidMind1314d ago

To milk as much money out of FF7 fans as possible; they wouldn't make as much from the HD remaster had we known about the remake.

DonkeyDoner1315d ago

what I wish from this 20 anniversary is they remake the whole ff7 universe from crisis core until ff7 and the movie advent children, I dont know about dirge of cerberus but please make it the best in history of gaming

zidane13411314d ago

I wouldn't complain about crises core but I'd much rather them remake ff 6 and 9.

stragomccloud1314d ago

That would be so glorious!

Ethereal1315d ago

Trolled us the whole time...

Unarmed_Civilian1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

They pulled Nomura from FFV to do the FFVII remake.

Eonjay1314d ago

Oh. Wow. Now I understand. Well they are certainly better a keeping secrets than most.

FallenAngel19841314d ago

Were they doing a FFV 3D remake

BitbyDeath1314d ago

Lol is missing an X... FFXV

Majin-vegeta1314d ago

I thought he was pulled for KH3?

zeuanimals1314d ago

I guess he's gonna finish up KH3 and then do FFVII. That kind of sucks. The reveal seems way too early if that's the case, but it's a remake. The story, the characters, the lore, the world design, etc. are all pretty much made. I can see them adding a lot of new content and areas though.

rainslacker1314d ago

He's apparently working on all three. Well, just KH3 and FFVII now. I'd imagine KH3 is well enough along that they could manage to move him off of it some.

Eamon1314d ago

Yeah it was for KH3 not FF7.

My guess is that KH3's development is progressing very smoothly. It's possible that it might even come out next year. If so, then Nomura would dedicate all his time on the FF7 remake.

Sevir1314d ago

Square didn't pull him. He wanted to focus on KH3 now that The Foundation of FFXV was well into formation. And with Hajime Tabata having wrapped up on Type-O He decided to help the project. Which would allow Kitase to focus on FF7 while Nomura could concentrate on both KH3 and dip into FF7... It all makes sense

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