Metroid Prime: Federation Force Gameplay Details; Online Co-Op

New details have emerged as to what Metroid Prime: Federation Force is all about.

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PhoenixUp1402d ago

This mediocre game features online co-op but Super Mario 3D World doesn't -_-

jholden32491402d ago

How do you know this game is mediocre? That's the problem nowadays. People pass judgment on the game within the first 10 seconds of seeing a trailer and make their mind up from that point on the game sucks.

This game actually looks really fun. I could be proven very wrong, but Metroid Prime gameplay is HELLA fun. And this game introduces co-op into the Hunters-styled mix. How can this game NOT be fun! I don't care if it's the game I was hoping for or not. I'm going to judge this game on its own merits. And so far it's looking pretty good.

The 10th Rider1402d ago

I do agree it's probably not mediocre...But that didn't stop it from being a disappointment, it's like when Retro was working on Tropical Freeze.

Next Level is an incredible developer, so chances are this game will be at least fairly good.

Sheepzclothing1402d ago

I absolutely loved Metroid Prime Hunters, both the campaign and the amazingly fun multiplayer. I actually got excited for this but it looks blocky. Why??

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1402d ago

still in the development releasing 2016

what do expect
its a spinoff meaning low budget

TheMutator1402d ago

Nintendo , with all my respect...F#@K YOURSELF!!!!

masterfox1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Federation force ? Where exactly that fits in on the original Metroid Formula ? I think im gonna throw up !!

And people think im trolling when bashing Nintendo . Im telling you nintendo current administration needs to go NOW!!!

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