Official Specs For AMD Radeon R9 Fury X & Radeon R9 3XX Series Revealed

AMD has revealed the official specs for its upcoming graphics cards.

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crazychris41241220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Love to see that Fury X in action at 4k60fps.

freshslicepizza1220d ago

kind of pointless for 1080p gaming me thinks but you're right, better suited for 1440 and 4k

mikeslemonade1220d ago

Still pretty far away from one card that can play the current AAA games at 4k 60FPS.

SteamPowered1220d ago

Holy Christmas that is a sweet price point.

ninjahunter1220d ago

The hyper bandwidth was a good idea.
Pretty much allows you to achieve resolutions/textures/AA of GPUs that cost 3x as much, for a nice budget price.

If the information released about these cards is true, they are 100% INSANE.