The Road After E3 — Nintendo Dropped (Like) A Bomb

With Nintendo going after (almost) everyone else, they had their work cut out for them by the end of Day 0. But seeing that they were going after their two main competitors, that gave them the opportunity to come in and sweep us all off of our feet like they did last year with an amazing presentation filled with surprises galore.

They. Did. Not.

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Malice-Flare1247d ago

can't really do much against the nostalgia bombs that Sony dropped last night. and, they delayed Zelda...

Lightning Mr Bubbles1247d ago

It could be the end of days for Nintendo.

rataranian1247d ago ShowReplies(4)
DualWielding1247d ago

Sony and Microsoft were clearly saying they want our dollar and are willing to work and fight for it..... Nintendo was like we don't even have to try, people will buy whatever we put off as long as it has mario, zelda or metroid in the title.....they don't even care about selling consoles or games anymore milking collectors with amiibos is good enough for them

pivotplease1247d ago

This is unfortunately very true although the Wii U has amassed some terrific exclusives over the last few years. It could still use more but Zelda will be huge. Here's hoping Nintendo reavulate their approach and pricing model for games in the coming years. They no longer have the right to sell games at full price for whole genrations under the guise that they are somehow more timeless than other companies' games. It's really just hiding greed behind family-centric company. It's been done many times by other companies to feign innocence and I expect more from Nintendo.

davemyrose921246d ago

Sooo true and I find that sooo insulting to a Nintendo fan like myself, too bad there's something many Nintendo fans soo far up Nintendo's ass they really think the conference was fine,, like waaat

FallenAngel19841247d ago

The issue is that the only people who are surprised by Nintendo's news are a relatively smaller audience than the surprises from its rivals conferences. This years for them was mostly predictable things everyone saw a mile away.

DualWielding1247d ago

there were surprises, they were just disappointing rather than exciting... nobody predicted a Metroid game with cartoony graphics and blast ball minigame, a co-op Zelda on the link between worlds engine, an officially sponsored website for sharing mario tribute videos or figurines that double as Skylanders and Amiibos.... problem is those are all things nobody wants or care for

Paulino301247d ago


"Both are also portable so I can play anywhere with my people"

Lol. You and the other three people in the world that care about that game, what a joke. I was expecting nintendo to at least show a new metroid since Zelda was pushed back and what do we get metroid prime federation force. Wtf, the game looks like an n64 game. That's why nintendo is becoming irrelevant except with little kids, and no 3rd party support.

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