Playing The Gears Of War Ultimate Edition Beta Gets You Exclusive Content For The Retail Version

Once you open the beta for Gears Of War Ultimate Edition, you will be greeted with a message of the day post, which just says what the settings the game will have for today, but that isn’t all. Playing the beta today will get you some exclusive content for the retail version of Gears Of War Ultimate Edition.

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nicksetzer11272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Yea, they always do that. Like the golden retro lancer in 3 and ... I forget what they did for judgement.

crazychris41241272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

...they crushed the hearts of millions of fans in Judgement. I got it for free with my gold account a couple months ago and I shut it off after a couple hours. Campaign was boring, horribly designed, no kick feature in co-op and the borderline retarded AI was driving me insane. Worst Gears by far, you could tell the game wasnt the same without Cliffy.

Now after the Gears 4 E3 demo was incredibly disappointing. Im very worried about GOW4 and the series. I hope Im proven wrong cuz Gears 1-3 were some of my favorite games of all time. Nothing more satisfying then learning the tricks of multiplayer, pulling off crazy kills and leading your team to victory.

donthate1272d ago

What kind of BS is this. Even the Gears of War community's putrid hatred for Judgment doesn't agree with you.

The biggest complaint was the CoDification of Gears.

Personally, I greatly enjoyed Gears Judgment and continue to play Overrun frequently.

deepdown1272d ago

The trilogy was great. Judgement was weak. Epic didn't do Judgement though, they outsourced it to People Can Fly.
I am hopeful for Gears 4 although I'm not feeling the main character. Maybe he is just a bit part character and Marcus will be in.

Chrisgamerguy1272d ago

So when will the beta finally let us in? still wont work for me

XanderZane1272d ago

I was wondering the same thing. I'd like to give the beta a try.

OMGitzThatGuy1272d ago

You download the game then go to gears website to get a beta permission code

1272d ago
WizzroSupreme1272d ago

Sure hope to get into the beta here this week. Sounds awesome.

Julion07151272d ago

I played it earlier man it felt so good to hold that gnasher

BL8CK1CE1271d ago

well said man i said the same thing can't wait gears is very different then any other shooter and i missed the movement and the gnasher as well cant wait

Julion07151271d ago

Only thing that sucks you can't play with ur friends the invites don't work but add me My GT is jujug15