Mixed Feelings about the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Richard of writes "Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a Final Fantasy VII remake. I was asking for it for some time. But maybe, for me at least, it has been too long a time for it to get into the hands of fans. I mean, the game was just announced… nearly 20 years after the release of the original; so when are we actually going to see the release of the game? Will it be ready in time for the 2015 holiday season? Or are fans going to have to wait another year (or two) to finally play a game they have essentially played before all over again? I am feeling a bit conflicted over the whole thing. On the one hand, it is a remake that I have been asking for since the 2005 PS4 demo. However, I felt that was a long time to have waited for a remake back then, and that itself was 10 years ago! I am a patient man, but this is a bit too much of a wait and just a bit too much for a company to ask of me."

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DevilOgreFish1405d ago

I'm more interested about the release date. KH3's official trailer just came out and it says "now in development", according to the trailer it just started and it's was announced in 2013. they can't even confirm that it will be finished by next year, 2016. The FFVII remake is looking at possibly 4 years in development.

Shazz1405d ago

just be happy its happening.

Godmars2901405d ago

They could always cancel. Take ten years to make it.

jagstar441405d ago

there hasn't been a good final fantasy since 10, they're just gonna mess it up

DiscoKid1405d ago

Do NOT modernize the gameplay! Please don't give it the ARPG treatment.

DiscoKid1405d ago

I got disagrees? You guys really want it to be an action RPG and not traditional turn-based like the original?

1405d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.