E3: Sony – The Masters of Crowd Control‏

Sony didn’t show a huge number of exclusives and there line-up (for the rest of 2015 at least), remains painfully undernourished, but my God, ask anyone who ‘won’ E3 this year, and they’ll almost certainly tell you that Sony came out on top - Why? The power of nostalgia.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles1218d ago

Give me a break. Are you guys just jealous XBOX Fanboys? They showed some great stuff.

xHeavYx1218d ago

"Sony didn’t show a huge number of exclusives and there line-up"
That's where I stopped reading.

gangsta_red1218d ago

He has a point...besides Horizon and Dreams what else did they show that we didn't know about?

A kickstarter campaign to a game that has a niche following.

A remake that looks to be a timed exclusive.

Another game that has been in development hell for a decade.

Those particular three games just appealed to a lot of people's nostalgia and it's pretty much the reason why some feel Sony "won".

xHeavYx1218d ago

Yeah, because Halo, Gears, TR, Hololens and Forza were all super-secret project that no one knew. Amarite?

1218d ago
thehobbyist1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )


Nostalgia has nothing to do with this. Shenmue is still a good series that deserves an ending. Final Fantasy VII is still good to this day and how can someone be nostalgic about The Last Guardian? It hasn't even been released yet?

AngelicIceDiamond1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

@Heavy well aside from Gears and Halo. MS did unveil, Decore, Sea Of pirates and Day Z's new Ip Ion.

Which adds to the list of Quantum Break and Scalebound.

A kickstarted Shenmue 3 is interesting. For one the game will eventually hit other platforms. Its just hitting PS4 and PC first and other platforms a little later. Sony really should of published it to make it there own but maybe Sony wants others to play it eventually?

It is an official resurrection that even Sony realizes all fanbases should enjoy.

Horizon. Simply amazing I'm in love with that damn game. If I could make it my wife..(clears throat) sorry.

FFVII remake is multiplat is will probably hit X1 eventually. Imo I don't care a whole lot.

MM Dreams. In a generation where art style puzzle games are a huge thing. That game when I look at just looks like every other deep artistic whimsical kind of game like Ori And The Blind Forest.

Its not a bad thing I just felt like I'm just being overloaded with those games.

gangsta_red1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

"Yeah, because Halo, Gears, TR, Hololens and Forza were all super-secret project that no one knew. Amarite?"

Oh are we talking about MS's conference now? because I thought the article and what we were discussing was Sony.

My bad.

Everything about your comment pretty much sums up nostalgia.

xHeavYx1218d ago

Nice try to dodge what I said by trying to change the topic. Almost worked.

gangsta_red1218d ago

"Nice try to dodge what I said by trying to change the topic."

You are the one who changed the subject. We were discussing Sony, their conference and nostalgia and you decide to talk about MS.
That was the most hilarious thing I have ever read!

Warriors in six by the way.

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medman1217d ago

Correction. They showed ALL great stuff. What a show. E3 2015 is the best E3 I can remember, all the conferences were good, and Sony, Microsoft, and Bethesda were all outstanding, with Sony being my personal favorite by some distance.

Liam23821218d ago

Why is it always fanboy stuff? I said that they (Sony) won. Just commenting on the power of nostalgia is all.

Forn1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

So is Dreams. We still don't know what half of Sony 1st-party is up to either. What I love is that the games on PS4 are miles ahead as far as technical showpieces, beauty, originalty, crativity and uniqueness. Not just a bunch of variation on what are now considered run-of-the-mill shooter games and an Uncharted wannabe that quite frankly is sub-par to it in every way.

thehobbyist1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Nostalgia is hardly it. All these "nostalgic" titles are still good to this day even if you play them right now. If you're like me and didn't play them until the last year I can tell you that nostalgia has hardly anything to do with it.
They are still good games in terms of quality. And even if nostalgia was a big part. So what? I'm tired of nostalgia being this buzzword used to denounce things. "Oh you're just happy because nostalgia."
What's wrong with that? If I see a friend whom I haven't seen for years should my reunion with them be downplayed because I'm nostalgic of our friendship? No. That's just silly.

Liam23821218d ago

Why? The rest was all pretty positive.

Shadow Man1218d ago

What's important is that FFVII Remake is happening! Sure we might not see it until late 2017 if lucky or is time exclusive, but I don't care.

This is a huge win for us gamers, Square listened to our commands.

Liam23821218d ago

I'm not saying that ffvii and Shenmue aren't great games (i genuinely love them both), but come on, they didn't show anything of ffvii or Shenmue. They knew the names enough would get a reaction and they did. I want to play them as much as anyone else, buy if you don't think they play to gamers' sense of nostalgia, then sadly, you're being rather naive.