Nintendo’s E3 2015 Digital Event was an Awful Send-off for the Wii U

CraveOnline: "Nintendo has never really “got” E3, and that’s fine. Opting to stay away from the traditional press conferences the past few years in favor of hosting its own Digital Events, the company has never been one for caving in to the idea that they should be directly compared with their peers by launching into some hyperbolic press event, in which they reel off industry buzzwords and engage in a giant dick-swinging contest with Microsoft and Sony."

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Xof1222d ago

Probably has something to do with the fact that their digital announcement was not a "send-off for the WiiU" at all.

I really wish people would think about things before writing these poorly-conceived Nintendo Is Terrible articles/comments/whining. Nintendo should be applauded for only talking about games that are due to be released in the near future, not condemned.

MrSwankSinatra1223d ago

Outside of Star Fox Zero this was one of the worst conferences I've ever seen in my life.

bouzebbal1223d ago

I can't even call that starfox. It was so bad, ugly and not appealing.
I expect a sequel to the excellent Starfox Adventures on Gamecube but we got this lazy ass game instead!
I'm SO disappointed!!! Shame on you Nintendo

NiteX1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

It looked beautiful and great to me. Did you not see what it looked like a year ago? Great improvement to me. Hell, at least it's not another Assault.

Viper71223d ago

Oddly enough I liked Star Fox Zero even behind my blue Sony labeled Glasses. It had thight focus on gameplay and seemed a lot like original with some modern twists and more open gameplay.

Sure graphical fidelity was not up the bar with new generation but aesthetics were pretty pleasing.

freshslicepizza1223d ago

starfox looks pretty good but you can tell they are not giving it the full resources like other nintendo games. this is likely the last e3 for the wii u.

Neonridr1223d ago

Such a polar opposite from last year...

Moonman1223d ago

The media isn't talking about the epic send off for the Vita though? Wii U has games I seriously want to play in 2015. Sony mentioned Vita like it hurt to say the word. They could of at least thanked fans for supporting it's "cult" status at this point.

MilkMan1223d ago

Ill have to agree with you on this one.

jonboi241223d ago

Vita is still alive just in Japan and for the trully hardcore fans.

Moonman1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Excuse me, Wii U has been #1 hardware in Japan for two straight weeks and look at this article? Wii U also reached 1.65 million in Japan in the time it took PS4 to recently hit 1.5 million. (first 15 months)

Yet this article exists. So they don't want to hear about Japan...

DualWielding1223d ago

the problem is that not even the 3DS stuff was very exciting this year

Xof1222d ago

Fire Emblem isn't exciting?


And just last week they announced Bravely Second.

Gotta say, I'm not exactly feeling tepid about my 3DS this year.

Nonscpo1223d ago

Sorry but I have to disagree with you on this Moonman. Wii U has no third party support and needs first party support to have something relevant to offer. The Vita has no first party support but does have third party support in the different publishing companies localizing games. The only thing the Vita and Wii U have in common is the indie support, and to be fair it's not right to compare those games as most of them tend to be unique and appeal to specific niches.

Moonman1223d ago

Trust me, I agree...Wii U doesn't have any compared to the volume of what PS4 or Xbox One gets. But the first party games keep me very excited and win GOTY awards (two years in a row from Eurogamer). They could of showed the vision they have for Wii U first party in 2016. But I know an epic Zelda awaits so cult status or not I'll be gaming on it in 2016.

Dunban671223d ago

Sony did their informal sendoff for the Vita last year- yet IT IS STILL outselling the Wii U

Moonman1223d ago

NPD? I don't think so. Japan, maybe earlier this year but not recently. Europe? I can believe maybe the UK but not anywhere else like France....

Dunban671223d ago

Vita has sold aprox 700-800k more units lifetime than Wii U

Viper71223d ago

Handheld consoles live by the Japanese developers which is why Tokyo Game Show is much better place to focus with that offering.

That being said Sony simply doesn't have IP's like Pokemon to carry the system nor do they posses monster hunter to bring in the masses.

However what they do have is near absolute current generation dominance. With a system that is relatively similar to their handheld system allowing developers to bring their games both platforms (and PC) at once. This is becoming increasingly more popular among Japanese and some of the western developers.

N4g_null1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Technically ms beat sony this year. Sony had a better running stage show but ms hololens, gears, and sheer number of exclusive gave even me a reason to look at ms. Sony is starting to become long in the tooth like nintendo did with the ngc. Almost no games I want from sony. Vita died a long time ago.

The difference is I expected more from nintendo yet was basically told hey wait a while it's coming. I'm sure they can make great games but more should be done creativity wise on their darker titles. We expect creativity from nintendo and we expect cgi from sony.

The vita had a similar start as the ps4. 3rd party are trying to prop it up. Yet I think vr is going to kill that system. The ff7 trolling reveals how 3rd party really feels about ps4 gamers.

Yet we are over critical about nintendo because we know they are better. Sony games is about to suffer the issues of their electronic biz. Vita put this on display. The ps4 has unwarranted success that has had miss step after miss step. A horrible E3 last year but it still sold.

E3 has no baring on what nintendo does the rest of the year frankly. They still have splatoon, xenolade, and Zelda coming. They could delay starfox or release it with remastered snes versions.

Viper71221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

You do understand that Shenmue 3 and FF7 Remake are like Half life 3 for a lot of people. Sequel and remake for games that have achieved more or less a legendary status among gamers.

Then there where interesting new IP's like Horizon, No Man Sky, Dreams and few project Morpheus titles. Not to mention actual gameplay footage of Uncharted 4. Oh and there was this Last guardian thing as well which is kinda big for a lot of people as well.

Sure if you ask which one of the conferences where most fun to watch it would be Nintendo, but Sony had the best announcements by far. Nintendo had barely anything other than Star Fox and Yoshi game that both looked pretty good.

N4g_null1222d ago

The wiiu is fine the E3 just sucked... I'll be blaming Myiamoto for that. He had a whole year to do starfox right and it looks like the graphics team had no time to do anything.

Why does xenolade, mariokart, fast racing, even Mario tennis looked better than an on rails shooter? We are talking about the man that almost killed splatoon here. We are talking about the man that oked metroid prime Lego team battle.... I mean damn man where is the scotch! I'm pissy drunk right now! I bet iwatas said if you go to E3 with some teddy bears America will torch you.

Also to all the haters if nintendo is doing this bad with capable hardware then having the nx will not matter because Myiamoto is fine with ngc Era art. I'm fine with it on some games but starfox is dark fast and fun in a very high end way. Nintendo needs more artist and nor just game designers.

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TheROsingleB1223d ago

The puppet stuff was great, I'll give them that.
Iwata gazing longingly into a bunch of bananas. Poetic.

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