E3 2015: World’s First Dark Souls III Details Revealed

Hardcore Gamer: Coming out in early 2016 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Dark Souls III will be the third and final chapter of the tough as nails dark fantasy franchise. The developers at FromSoftware have once again returned to create a new world for players to discover. The burning embers of a once proud kingdom will set the stage for the concluding adventure. As expected, players will battle against fearsome enemies and bosses using a variety of weapons and magic while finding secrets throughout the land. Today, we were privileged enough to be the first to speak to Namco Bandai about the game, and here’s everything we learned from the development team during our discussion with them.

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wakeNbake1221d ago

Hope the combat feels as fluid as Bloodborne did.

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Midkn1ght1221d ago

Lord of Cinder? The game is about Gwyn?!

MWH1221d ago

who else?! sounds interesting though, this means we might know more about the source of the First Flame and the Lord Souls. but being a Souls game, each installment is more obscure than the first :/

nucky641221d ago

I imagine this one will be much less "obscure" due to the announcement that this one will be the last chapter of the dark souls games.

Midkn1ght1221d ago

Dark Souls 1 and II were more indirectly connected. Gwyn is a direct connection to the first.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1221d ago

Not sure why you are getting downvoted when that is what Namco Bandai has said well at least that it's about the Lord of Cinder and who do we know by that title? Gwyn of coarse. However I think people are probably thinking that you are saying that we play as Gwyn which is of coarse not the case since we build a character but the story most likely have something to do with him.

kingdom181221d ago

I'm betting a different Lord of Cinder maybe his successor but was't that the undead from the the first Dark Souls if you choose that ending? If not maybe its a prequel, before Lordran went to shit.

goldwyncq1221d ago

Or what if it's the chosen undead from the first game, after relighting the flame?

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TheOneWhoIsTornApart1221d ago

Everything in this article has me excited. I really like the sound of the boss that they talked about called The Dancer of the Frigid Valley. From what we have seen from the screenshots we have seen so far this game looks like it will be quite a looker with amazing graphics and art design. The new weapon actions sound really cool too. Hopefully we get to see a gameplay trailer at Gamescom this year just like when they showed off Bloodborne there last year.