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From the article: "In an effort to lure more PC gamers into the Xbox Live web that binds millions of Xbox 360 users to the company's downloadable content and one another, Microsoft is dumping the $50 subscription fee it charged for Games for Windows. With just under 75 Games for Windows titles currently available, it'll be interesting to see if players who've so far resisted the online component will now "jump in," to quote Microsoft's own Xbox marketing line.

What Xbox Live subscribers are more likely to get excited about are the user-created games that will start showing up later in the year. For a $99-per-year subscription, Microsoft XNA Creator Club members will be able to sell their wares on the Xbox Live Marketplace for $2.50, $5 or $10 a pop. In return, the company will share up to 70 percent of the wealth that the games rake in.

A welcome development for creators and players alike, but what interests me even more is how long before full games will available to purchase and download, skipping the retailer and the disc altogether."

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