Square Enix E3 conference reactions – big games, heavy on the waffle

Dealspwn: Square Enix, one of this year's E3 freshman, arguably had an easier time than most. Boasting a portfolio of Eastern and Western-developed games with a diverse audience and big characters, they ought to be a natural fit for the global stage.

A slow start soon yielded some interesting surprises that left the three of us reeling, as well as some things that we actually asked for. Alongside a fair few things we didn't.

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Blues Cowboy1405d ago

I thought they did a good job for a first attempt. Need to work on pacing and delivery, but Star Ocean 5 localisation was worth the watch on its own for me.

Magicite1405d ago

For JRPG/Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts fans like me - it was awesome!

DarkOcelet1405d ago

You should have just renamed it to Awesome JRPG Revival Conference!

Square Killed it out there.

Fullmetalevolust1405d ago

There is so much JRPG goodness coming from SE that I am still in utter shock and it's been a couple of hours!! lol
NIER 2 was so unexpected, I am super excited after what I've seen.
The gameplay for Star Ocean 5 and KH3, was just mind blowing.
It is great to be a gamer and a big fan of JRPGs.
FF7 remake still retains my biggest : WOW factor thus far.

RpgSama1405d ago

The Ps4 is THE place to play JRpg's this generation, we are seeing a JRPG revival, if FFVII does well, I hope we get FFVIII and FFVI remakes (they could alternate one new game in the series with a remake).

Final Fantasy VIII had the bad luck of coming after the most successful FF ever, the first in the series for many, it could never live up to the expectations, but looking at it in hindsight it was a great game, with lots to offer in every area.

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