Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash gets box art and screenshots at E3 2015

The official box art and screenshots have been revealed for the upcoming Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash at E3 2015.

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Concertoine1219d ago

This game got a lot of hate for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Overall, i think it'll still be fun like the GC one.

Zodiac1219d ago

Yeah, this was definitely a title i was happy to see. It would have been smarter to show this closer to the beginning.

Axonometri1219d ago

Shocking, confusing disappointment. I just don't get it. My kid cried. Because there was no Big announcement for his favorite console Wii U. I have to say I am still baffled.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1219d ago

LOL, The Wii U is a bust. Compared to what PS4 showed yesterday, the Wii U is laughable.

I think it's best Nintendo just start a new console.

pompombrum1219d ago

Nintendo has it's charm, there are those who appreciate it and will continue to support it. Also Nintendo are making a new console, they said they will be showcasing it next E3.

ZaWarudo1219d ago

The big peach will give me nightmares.

JLynn9431219d ago

The Mario tennis games are fun. I was obviously hoping for more out of the event, but I'll still probably get this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.