New Square Enix studio Tokyo RPG Factory creating 2016-due console game Project Setsuna

Square Enix has announced the opening of a new RPG studio called Tokyo RPG Factory, which it initially began hiring for in September 2014.

The studio is working on a completely new RPG console game called “Project Setsuna,” which is planned for a global release in 2016.

Further details were not shared.

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DarkOcelet1404d ago

I thought it was a Chrono Cross Remake when i saw that village concept.

Oh well, more JRPG games are welcome.

Mikefizzled1404d ago

I'd be more shocked if it comes to Xbox at this point. Very disappointing as a Xbox gamer to see lots of multiplatforms go exclusive to PS4.

rhap1404d ago

What multiplatforms?

DarkOcelet1404d ago

What are you talking about?

Mikefizzled1403d ago

Shenmue, previously of Dreamcast and Xbox.
Star Ocean, latest release was originally exclusive to 360 but did release on PS3. Street Fighter V and NieR. Just feels like Spencer's passive approach with Japanese games is meaning I need to save up for a PS4.

_-EDMIX-_1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

Not sure what you mean. Buy a PS4. If you like RPG's and your thrilled about this game or what it could be....legit just buy a PS4. This gen is already getting packed with JRPGS coming to PS4 ie Star Ocean 5, Persona 5, Tales Of Zestiria, Nier PS4 and clearly FFVII remake, at this point it makes no sense to sit along waiting for a XONE release. Its clear many Japaneses publishers have made their choice to not put select JRPGs on XONE as they didn't with 360 with some of those titles. Want to play your genre of choice? What do you think my answer might be? lolz

ScorpiusX1403d ago

That okay I will not waste my money on JRPG or Console so we good . That about even us up.

pompombrum1404d ago

Was this announcement really necessary? The more JRPGs the better but all they shown was concept art to some music, they would have been far better off waiting until PSX or Sony's next live streamed conference to showcase a proper trailer.

I was ultimately impressed with Square's offerings but the "coming in 2016" line was just far too much of a common theme for my liking. Seen it so much this E3 that I'm going to need to quit my job next year to fit in all the games scheduled to come out.

cloud 2791403d ago

This is the very first time square has done something like this where they put a window on an upcoming game. Currently gamers are still waiting on a release date or even a window on FF 15 & KH3.

kraenk121404d ago

The artworks looked beautiful but I think it was really a bit too early to announce that game.

_-EDMIX-_1403d ago

I wouldn't say it was fully announced as much as teased as they don't even have a full name yet and they are deep into development. If they have a 2016 window, its clear they feel they have enough to tease its existence.

They want to at least have it on folks radar before a full reveal and I'm ok with that.

I don't know what um "too early to announce" would actually be for Square as I don't work at Square. For all we know, they have more done then they are saying but want to at least have more worked on before a full reveal, but they have enough done for a tease to market the game.

Gaming is still a business folks, they still need to market their presents especially with all the JRPG's being announced.