Square Enix announce Hitman release date, details at their E3 conference

The latest installment in the franchise, titled just Hitman, gets a new trailer, details and release date.

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jay21219d ago

Not happy I'll have to get this disitally. Sorry but I like my Blu-rays.

mrmonk1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

So is this only coming out digital download only? I would rather have the physical copy myself.

scark921219d ago

I really hope it comes out physically!!

DEEBO1219d ago

This is digital they are trying to cut the cost of press&shipping blurays.

Oh well I'm digital is ok with me.

brokenbracket1219d ago

So there's this keyword in there that all of you seem to be missing... “leading with a digital release” leading would be the keyword. LEADING.... so yes, there will be hard copies, but will be available first as a digital download.

Jason_Plays_PC1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I will take digital download all i care about is that we get a new hitman, one of my all time favourite series.

where we were told that the game will be “leading with a digital release” meaning it will be physical eventually.