All Announcements Made for The PS Vita at The Most Dissapointing E3 Yet

We have listed the very few announcements made for the PS Vita at this years disappointing E3 2015. I am not sure fans could be any more angry with how Sony handled the PS Vita at E3 2015.

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Neonridr1247d ago

yeah.. Vita was basically swept under the rug at this E3.

iamnsuperman1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

It needed to be that way. The Vita just doesn't sell itself nor software that appears on it. Sony has made it pretty clear it is time to move away from it (Vita TV, remote play on phones....) and I agree with that philosophy. It is the risk of supporting unpopular platforms (hell I own one so I would know)

bouzebbal1247d ago

vita cannot sell without support from the manufacturer. PS4 sells because of the massive support it is getting, but it started from Sony first. Sony gives developers and publishers the confidence that their machine is the best to develop for.
People cannot just go buy vitas for no reason. i'm looking forward to world of FF, but what is the next big triple A title coming out? none!

Nonscpo1247d ago

E3 isn't the Vita's show, Tokyo Game Show is!

blackblades1247d ago

Pretty much, those JP games is what I care for on and indies tbh.

Nirvana315911247d ago

It would make no business sense for the Vita to be on stage considering it isn't meeting sales expectations but I love how these sites are leaching on to little things to somehow try and downplay how awesome Sonys conference was this year

GameForever1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Digital software sells very well on PS Vita. Problem is getting anyone besides Die Hard gamer's to buy it, just doesn't seem to have casual consumer appeal and that's the market you need for a hand held system to succeed. Casual adult gamer's have their cell phones. Children are a huge part of the 3DS market. PS vita doesn't have that much appeal to children or parents, 3DS does. PSV is just a tough fit for the mobile gaming market.

That said I think the Vita is successful enough, just probably will not ever be massively successful.

Neonridr1247d ago

pretty sure it's the games that sell the 3DS, not children. Have you seen how many multimillion sellers the 3DS has? Games like Monster Hunter, Pokemon etc are the reason this handheld sells in droves. Especially in Japan.

GameForever1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

It's bought for children by adults because of the games, yes. majority of market for 3DS is children. anyone who buy a games system buy them for games, Isn't that obvious or should I have used flash cards.

What is your argument, or do you just like to argue.

I didn't say anything negative about 3DS.

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blackblades1247d ago

Sony slave my butt, it's not dead look that word up and learn it.

gangsta_red1247d ago

Shouldn't be of any surprise since it was categorized as a legacy device.

A quick flash of the Vita on the screen was the only recognition it got.

NerdStalker1247d ago

It needs some new games, something to catch people's eyes, I was in game stop a month back after not keeping up to date with the vita for a long time, I decided to take a look at what's new and was surprised to only see a few Japanese magna looking games new.

Nonscpo1247d ago

So wait your complaining that there aren't new games after confirming that there are new games? Looks more like you just don't like Japanese games, which are the bread and butter of the Vita right now.

P.S. Before anybody replies complaining about JRPG's, there are more than one genre that comes out of Japan, it's like complaining about buying an American game just because your tired of FPS's.

NerdStalker1247d ago

Dude it's like 3 or 4 Japanese games in a whole year, hardly a lot being released is it, your trying to sound intelligent but your not and i'm not complaining i'm stating a fact.

Viper71247d ago

3DS - Japanese games, Nintendo games and indie games
Vita - Japanese games, Psp/Ps4/Ps3 ports and Indie games

Majority of western developers tend to focus on mobile platforms (iOS, Android, WP8+) so they don't really give a damn about handheld platforms.

IF you don't want to play Japanese games, don't buy a handheld.

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