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SquareEnix announces more about FFVII in its E3 press conference

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AntsPai1272d ago

Really annoyed they delayed this on PS4 for an iOS port, hype is max for remake and I'd love to play this while I wait. Was supposed to be out in spring.

Lon3wolf1272d ago

Isn't that the remaster of the original for the PC that appeared and not the remake that has just been announced?

From the article:

What was announced is that the remastered version of the original FFVII for PC is still in the works for PS4, and will also be coming to iOS later this year as well.

I guess we shouldn’t have expected anything new about the FFVII Remake today,

AntsPai1272d ago

Yeah that's what I meant, the PC port was due to be out in spring on PS4. Was hoping it would be like available now while you wait for the remake. Shame.

Kurisu1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Alternatively, see PS3 or Vita :D I've got it in my download list so I'll definitely play it again closer to the time of the remakes release, but I won't be buying the port when it's basically the same as what I've got already.

Lord_Sloth1272d ago

I dismissed the rumor of an announcement since it pops up every year. Imagine my surprise when it actually did show up.

mattducz1272d ago

Same here...the hype kept growing and I still wasn't convinced. Then...freaking bombshell.

zeuanimals1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

"Rumor of AN announcement". My surprise when three of them show up, two of them almost back to back. It was one of those moments where you're in disbelief and yet you're still so shaken by excitement that it could even be a possibility, then another one just drops 5 minutes later... My god Sony. I kind of knew TLG was gonna show though, but the other two?

kayoss1272d ago

Its like winning two different lotteries within an hour and after they tell you that it's taxed free.

mattducz1272d ago

I wish I could have brought more to you, believe me!

mattducz1272d ago

It says "Coming first to PS4," so maybe in the future.

Snookies121272d ago

I'd say it's likely coming to PC. Although I wouldn't count out an X1 release as well. Either way, I'm sure as heck not waiting on PC or X1. Waited too long for this, I'm playing it day one.

Lon3wolf1272d ago

Same as, I might do the same with no mans sky too as not sure there will be any benefit in waiting for the PC versions of this and NMS(unless they announce some great PC specific stuff, not likely).

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