Bethesda Showed Too Much Doom And Lost Me Entirely With Its Outdated Shooter Mechanics


"Bethesda finally unveiled what the new Doom would look like running on the id Tech 6 engine, and to be honest I feel that during their press conference they showed off just a little too much of their new shooter. The initial single player gameplay felt too scripted with the way that the gun moved giving off that it was floating in the air and didn’t feel grounded, the way that many Hollywood movies rely on CGI to create large scripted events not taking into account ‘gravity’."

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RocknRolla2721d ago

I am inclined to agree with what was written to an extent. It was brown and quite generic and the gameplay did look dated. But It's Doom you know there will be some crazy shit happening but I would like to see some different shades of brown and maybe other colours.

DivoJones2721d ago

I thought the video seems laggy/slow as well. Could be due to the textures they were using, but that doubles as a sign that there will probably be some visual downgrades to get the FPS up. It had a pre-rendered feel, so i'm not sure if that's actual gameplay or just CGI simulated gameplay.

thekhurg2721d ago

The problem I have is the repetitive animations. It was cool at first, but by the end of the video I was tired of seeing them.

In watching the video, each time he did one of the special kill moves it looked like health dropped, so it's less of an "option" and more of a requirement to perform those moves to get health.

I'll wait for more info, but my impressions went from high impressed to somewhat bored by the end.

AliTheSnake12720d ago

It looked like a generic shooter, walk and shoot.

ShinMaster2720d ago

I just wanna see Doom Guy's face in the HUD.

Jughead34162720d ago

If you watched this demo and didn't like it, I don't know what you want. This was one of the best demos I've ever seen.

nveenio2720d ago

The only people who would complain about how the new Doom feels is people who don't remember the original. This feels almost exactly like it. Very fast, run and gun, couple of shots blow demons to bits. That's Doom, and if it was anything else, no one would want it.

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MEsoJD2721d ago

The game looks fantastic to me. Watch it in 60 fps. Also check out the Hell gameplay footage.

xer02720d ago

Maybe they did show too much... But it still looks awesome to me! :D

FlameBaitGod2720d ago

Doom 3 was scary... this looked like a cod with demons as enemies, + was that baby mode ? like how e z was that lol

ShinMaster2720d ago

Doom 3 wasn't meant to be scary in the first place.

windblowsagain2720d ago

Doom 3 was meant to be scary.

It wasn't for most, but some people do get scared.

I think people forget Doom is supposed to be this.

It was Never a deep game. Just run and gun.

Doom 3 tried to change it up.

MysticStrummer2720d ago

Doom 3 was boring to me. It just wasn't Doom.

2720d ago
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bondigamer2721d ago

I can't disagree with the article, I really liked what they showed to start with, but everything after that was extremely repetitive animations when it came to using the chainsaw on enemies, kind of reminds me of the repetitive animations used in MK X.

RocknRolla2721d ago

The chainsaw went on for far too long I reckon. It was 3-4 animations and it got quite boring once they kept cycling through them.

obener2721d ago

Yeah they did use the chainsaw a bit more than the other guns

obener2721d ago

It's really hard to get both the graphics and story to be good nowadays!!!

leogets2720d ago

Horizon..battlefront and uncharted 4 say hello

FlameBaitGod2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Forgot Horizon was out... GTFO! .... cant say anything about Uncharted cus It hasn't let me down, i know the story wont suck.

ShottyGibs2720d ago

True.. but lets face it - No one ever played Doom for the story.

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spicelicka2721d ago

Yea exactly, let's shove call of duty controls in every game guys, it automatically becomes modern! What a load of crap.

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