Was This Year's E3 the Best Ever?

All of the third party companies who held conferences had some great games to show us, but as usual, the main attraction was finding out which of the big three would come out on top. Nintendo had quite a surprise announcement and Microsoft threw down the gauntlet, so the pressure was on for Sony to deliver, but deliver they did.

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Stringerbell1406d ago

As a Shenmue fan, you better believe it was.

SegaGamer1406d ago

Definitely. Any year that announced this game was going to be the best ever in my opinion. How can that possibly be beaten ? Some people were either completely shocked or in tears. It was brilliant.

averagejoe261406d ago

Yes. I cannot believe the announcements from every presenter.

I've been gaming for 20 years and I say yes.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1406d ago

2007 and 2013 are what I'm judging by. This year tops both.

funkybudda1406d ago

20+ years of gaming experience I thought I am pretty jaded, but Sony really blew me away this time around.