Prototype 2 trophy list points to PS4 remaster

Has Prototype 2 for the PS4 just been leaked?

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Wallow1279d ago

Huge fan of this series, beat the game 3 times. Was hoping they announced prototype 3 this year, guess not.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1279d ago

Get your hopes up. They do these remasters to gauge interest in a sequel. If this is true and people buy it you'll get a sequel.

lastking951279d ago

This is why backward compatibility was a megaton. Thank you Jesus it should put an end to remasters on Xbox at least.

chaos9991279d ago

Yeah. Because developers forces you to buy their games or kill you

Christopher1279d ago

No, because then they can just focus that money on creating new IPs or sequels rather than focusing on reselling us the same games.

Izalith1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Backward compatibility is nothing for me. When I play on PS4/Xbox One/Wii U, I get games, both new and old. Remaster and remakes is cool for me.

Adding much more visual better looking games, dlc and more and backward compatibility just don't add value for me at all.

If I want to play on my Xbox 360, then sure I will turn on my Xbox 360! It's has that special something with the console itself and the controller, that I mean is the best Xbox controller still!

IamTylerDurden11279d ago

No, there will be plenty of remasters on xbone bc ppl want to play the games with updated next gen visuals, improved gameplay, added features, and all the DLC otherwise we could just play the last gen version.

It kinda sucks though if xboners don't get beautiful definitive editions and remasters, you will never get to play the best version of that game. So xboners don't wan't Dishonored Definitive or Gears remastered? Gtfo.

StarLord_Who1279d ago

This site doesn't take kindly to all of that "backwards compatibility" speak. Stop reminding us because we can't buy xboxes ourselves because they aren't Sony's

As a person with all three consoles and platted pubes i say yes you're right, I'd rather just wait for the Xbox One to be able to play Prototype 2 instead.

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joab7771279d ago

Seriously? Who needs backwards compatibility anyway? Give me 3 Bioshock remasters, and 2 more Souls ones, and I will need nothing from last gen. Oh...and Valkyria Chronicles.

-Foxtrot1279d ago

Why? I mean of all the games to remaster

It was like a poor mans inFAMOUS game by Activison.

SolidGear31279d ago

Actually Infamous bored me but I had a blast with Prototype. Never played the second though.

Roccetarius1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Each to their own, i think Protoype 1 wiped the floor with Infamous as far as story / powers go, it was like a power fantasy dream.

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