GV: "It's Wall-E, WALL-E Tarrible. Sariously."

With Pixar's latest film turning out to be quite a success with the critics, it's time to take a look at what THQ have churned out to coincide with the flick... Gamingverdict's Seth Bland takes us through the reasons why the game is not only dire, but not a great game to give your kids...

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va_bank3766d ago

What's the point of reviewing movie games? I can't remember when any of them got a good review?

Also, does anyone else care that the WALL-E character is ripped-off from "Short Circuit" - Johnny 5? (Yes, I'm old)

ItsDubC3766d ago

Chronicles of Riddick.

outlawlife3766d ago

too bad the movie was garbage (riddick)