#XboxOrWeRiot is the result of Sony getting marketing rights for Call of Duty

After today’s announcement that Sony now has the exclusive rights to Call of Duty (CoD), the Xbox CoD community is literally up in arms protesting about this marketing decision.

CoD has had the exclusive rights for quite some time now, hence the reason that the entire competitive CoD scene is focused around Xbox.

Trending on all social media right now is the hash tag #XboxOrWeRiot

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NatureOfLogic_1311d ago

After reading a lot of comment from Xbox fans, I thought the Xbox community didn't care for COD anymore. It seems Sony made a great move by getting marketing rights.

jackanderson19851311d ago

the people who say that are probably the same people who come out with "oh another COD not getting that same crap again" yet the game sells many millions

Ezz20131311d ago

It's a freaking DLC ... what's the big deal here ?!

SourtreeDing1311d ago

DLC matter even tho theyre FEW ppl in every forums or site that speak loudest say it doesnt ....

i think it was a smart move by Sony. and it was a great choice to start with Treyarch COD

Zombies all day the only reason i have wait for this COD muahahha... cant wait

Muerte24941311d ago

I guess it was only okay when it was DLC for Xbox first

4Sh0w1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

nah, anybody can start a petition and this game is played by millions of Xbox fans yet its only like 113 signatures. I think most Xbox fans are smart enough to know that COD DLC a month later isn't a big deal.

-I actually think its more trolling than people who really care COD because its a huge MULTIPLAT franchise and everybody knows that, marketing rights never had anything to do with where gamers play, fans ALWAYS played where they can play with their favorite controller and friends the most.

xHeavYx1311d ago

#XboxOrWeRiot? #XboxMasterRace?
Lol, kids these days...

Eonjay1311d ago

Let them riot. Doesn't matter. Like crack to junkie so too will they buy COD anyway.

zeal0us1311d ago

Its more than "freaking DLC" its life. CoD is loved;CoD is life. Sony has messed up the natural order with this move. Great now my gaming experience is forever ruined. Thanks alot Sony.*

*I'm kidding btw

pedrof931311d ago

The better part is by doing that they will promote the new deal even more !

badz1491311d ago

Riot? Pfft...they just want to loot

1311d ago
XisThatKid1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Yup I thought CoD didn't matter anymore, This was coming from X1 fans Salting over their little girlfriend left them. "Oh well we used her up you can have her" attitude. Now this happens Guess all Xbox fans aren't the same after all.

donthate1310d ago

As a gamer, I can see why some of these people are upset. They bought an Xbox One expecting CoD to be preferred on that platform. All of a sudden that is changed!

If you can't understand that, then imagine if Metal Gear Solid 5 suddenly preferred the Xbox One platform?

That should hit home!

Why o why1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )


You could of just said tomb raider...

I didn't see anything to this level though. Seems n4g x1 fans don't speak for all x1 fans.

I'm also seeing the downplaying of this similar to the downplaying of streetfighter v. Its all of a sudden washed up......... i mean, dont get me wrong, hypocrisy isn't exclusive to 1 set of fans but some of the x1 ones are really showing their rare ends on this occasion.

AliTheSnake11310d ago

I like call of duty, and I could care less if I have to wait a month to get the DLC.

But seeing how COD fans on xbox are reacting to this, I have to say Sony have made a very smart Business decision.

Yetter1310d ago

but several less million than the previous title in the franchise. The CoD trend is finally starting to die down and I couldn't be happier

bouzebbal1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

this is a massive move for Sony. Confirming their supremacy in NA.
They will market the game on PS4 and welcome PS4 COD limited editions and co.

So funny xbox fanboys saying this is no big deal. It was a big deal for xbox and now it is a big deal for PS.

Gaming1011310d ago

lol yup, they're going to riot all right... right around their parents' basement because they're all too fat to make it outside.

UltimateMaster1310d ago

Who cares, it's timed exclusivity for.. what a month?
Seriously, Grow up.

UltimateMaster1310d ago

Highly doubt Sony had anything to do with that decision. It's most likely because the PS4 is selling really well and they want to please their fans (on the bigger install base.)

I'm just gonna say it, why not at the same time?

subtenko1310d ago

This is juicy, I dont care for COD personally, yea it can be fun, but Im glad Sony did this,lol XD

I thought Xbox fans say 'Xbox won E3' with [limited] backwards compatibility? So why are they crying over this?

Make up your minds :/ Both Xbox and PS had some cool announcements, but Im not yelling at Xbox as mainly a Sony fan.

Septic1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

I find it hilarious how many fanboys are lapping this up after the Xbox got absolutely rinsed for having this deal for ages.

Ive even seen people do a magic u turn and say 'new cod looks good' when they never even touched their games with a bargepole or pretended not to be interested.

The hypocrisy is there on both sides but with those lapping this up and talking about sales domination etc, lmao! That integrity.

The deal is massive for Sony. If I were MS though, I would drop it. What's the benefit of it now that they get outsold even regardless of the exclusivity deal? They need to focus properly on their first party outfit.

Btw, are we not regarding this as money hatting?


sonarus1310d ago

exclusive dlc always leaves somebody pissed off. Microsoft started these shenanigans so deserve no pity whatsoever. Their fanboys on the other hand need to take a deep breath and keep on living.

BigDog551310d ago

You forgot two words !! On Playstation 4 !!

bennissimo1310d ago

lol It's just for DLC, too. Who cares? All MLG play will be on the XB1.

UltimateMaster1310d ago

This is childish to say the least.
No real man would care if they would have to wait 1 month to get their DLC.


Malacath1309d ago


What you say about Sony having nothing to do with this is absolute nonsense.

There is no way that any video game publisher would alienate a proportion of their customers by making them wait one month for DLC unless they were paid for it.

There would be no benefit whatsoever to activision unless they are being paid.

The fact is Sony offered more money than Microsoft. It's just business and nothing to do with trying to please ps4 owners.

MS paid for the exclusivity deal with past CODs. Sony paid this time. Just like they paid for the Destiny deal.

It's no big deal though. It's still the same game and it's nowhere near as bad as the Destiny deal with xbox owners having to wait a year

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Septic1311d ago

After reading a lot of comments from Playstation fans, I thought the Playstation community didn't care for COD anymore. I guess I was wrong.

"It seems Sony made a great move by getting marketing rights"

Now that nauseating move that people bemoaned is suddenly great.

I'd argue that its not as great as you might think. Whilst COD is one of the biggest ip's out there, its association with Xbox seemed long over drawn. It was definitely time for MS to move on.

Muerte24941311d ago

Your comments are baffling when it was only last year that we say COD:AW on Microsoft's stage and was told that they would receive DLC first for that game. Now since it's on Playstation, this is a bad thing?

I honestly don't care for COD so this doesn't affect me in any way. But since some 360 players switched to ps4, there is obviously a market for it.

Septic1311d ago

Muerte, I was doing a take on the trolling comment above.

COD still sold more on PS4 didn't it?

There definitely is a market for it but am I the only one thinking it was right for MS to move on from this partnership? For ages MS were criticised over it and not branching out.

Now MS have titles like Scalebound and Recore and then dropping this age old and much criticised partnership that made people regard it as the bro-dude console but no one bats an eye?

Christopher1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Some of us just wished CoD didn't show up on any console maker's stage... :(

Edit: Also, this type of stuff is most likely started by people who are just trolling and don't care at all about this topic. Just craving some attention.

Nineball21121311d ago

COD is still played by millions. I think it's past it's prime, but it really doesn't matter what I think. LOL

1311d ago
slappy5081311d ago

PS user here, not interested in COD but I hate this type of marketing deals by either company. Seems such a waste of resources to splash out just so that their users can play DLC earlier.. Big whoop!

Pixel_Enemy1311d ago

It's called hypocrisy and both sides are guilty of this all the time. I remember last gen when Xbox fans played the sales game in every argument because in the US Xbox outsold PS most of it's life cycle. This gen, they are awfully quiet around this subject and get angry when PS fans shove it in their faces.

What goes around... You get the picture.

warczar1311d ago

Trust me when I say whoever wrote that doesn't speak for the Playstation community. I'm on my way to sign this petition right now, Microsoft can have all the overpriced dlc they want.

raWfodog1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

"There definitely is a market for it but am I the only one thinking it was right for MS to move on from this partnership?"

Just asking, but are you sure that it was MS's decision alone to 'move on'? How sure are you that it wasn't Activision's decision to 'move on' thereby leaving MS no choice but to accept it? That knowledge could put this more into perspective. Just putting that out there. Doesn't matter to me either way. I haven't played CoD since the original BlOps and I will wait to see (as usual) if this game has any reason for me to get back into the series (not holding my breath).

Septic1311d ago


"Just asking, but are you sure that it was MS's decision alone to 'move on'? How sure are you that it wasn't Activision's decision to 'move on' thereby leaving MS no choice but to accept it? "

Could be. PS4 is selling massively and Acti could have pulled the plug on the deal. Who knows.

raWfodog1311d ago

Overall, that news was not very compelling for me as I don't really care about who gets DLC first anyway. If I'm interested in getting the DLC at all, I don't mind waiting for it to come to whatever system I want it on. In fact, I'm a cheap bastard and usually wait for GOTY editions with all the DLC included.

uth111310d ago

I'd say it's good for Sony, not necessarily good for gamers.

AliTheSnake11310d ago

That comment was not a t roll. Sony did make a very smart business decision. Look at xbox cod fans' reaction.

Erik73571310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

It's a great move because it got the Xbox's community attention and hit it hard. This could get a lot of people to buy a ps4 that were going to buy a xbox one.

SpringHeeledJack1310d ago

Haha gotta love the xbox fangirl mods marking my comment as trolling to appease septic the crybaby. I have more agrees than disagrees, his comment is smashed with disagrees and he attacks PlayStation fans, but his comment stays?

Yeh nice logic mods.

UnHoly_One1310d ago

I find this whole turn of events hilarious.

Most of Sony's show was about buying exclusive and timed content from 3rd parties. The exact thing that used to be the worst thing in the world according to Sony fanboys.

And now it's awesome and they did they right thing. So funny. :-D

Here's the thing. These Xbox CoD fans are mad. That doesn't mean they are going to go buy a ps4 now. It means they hate Sony for doing this.

Sony didn't make anyone happy by doing this at all. The people that already have a ps4 would have bought it on ps4 anyway.

What a bonehead move from Sony. They are full of them this gen. And people are just sucking it up and asking for more. lol

WelkinCole1310d ago

You are very one dimensional in your thinking.

Just because it is a good move for Sony does not mean the who thinks so think COD is a great game.

I don't like COD but it is a great move for Sony because many people do like it and they Sony will benefit for this.

Is this really hard for you to understand?.

Septic1310d ago


Mate, it was a take on what NatureofLogic was spouting. I just replaced the words Xbox with PlayStation.

I have however seen examples of a few people now clamoring over this that were so staunchly against it previously.

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Immorals1311d ago

I was grateful that Sony got it. Was always a predictable cigarette break in Microsofts E3 conference!

EvilWay1311d ago

Well it's probably the Cod Esports community

tinynuggins1311d ago

Yeah I was wondering if the marketing rights include the e sports. I could see how that might be a bit of a bummer for the hardcover cod fans that prefer the xbox one controller.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1311d ago

Or all the pros who will need to buy new scufs

thejigisup1311d ago

The comments from xboxorweriot hashtaggers are pathetic(majoritively), those people are the reason i don't play on xbox or cod anymore for that matter.

Dabigkahuna5041311d ago

You funny because I also thought Playstation fans Never care for cod but I know now that's about to change

gosukyomomma1311d ago

I own both consoles yh i prefer my ps4 since im on that more do i like COD? Nope couldnt care less tbh and never will - unless they remake cod 4 modern warfare the best cod there ever was then id defo be interested as of now cod can do one its dead in my eyes

BiggerBoss1311d ago

We get it.

ALL fanboys are hypocrites, regardless of their console of choice.

BlackTar1871311d ago

lol based on 30 people on i have made the decision that PS fans are hypocrites every one of them now love COD the most and they were just saying they didn't like it. What a salty set of gamers those ps gamers are now that they got COD we see their true colors


Lo get out of here

ger23961310d ago

Don't care? It sell millions on playstation. I never understood the big deal with waiting for dlc. I guess some people are just inpatient.

MrBeatdown1310d ago

It's not like Call of Duty sold millions of copies on PlayStation before this deal, right?

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3-4-51311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

COD, Battlefront, Halo 5, PvZ:GW2,Battlefield, Rainbow 6 Siege, Division,Doom,Destiny ..ect...

COD has more competition now, so they don't "own" the xbox market anymore.

* I've bought every COD except ghosts and I'm done with this series.

* PvZ:Gw & Destiny multiplayer were both a lot more fun than COD:AW.

* COD:BO3 looks like more of the same.

For whatever reason I just really hit a wall with this series about 3-4 days afer I picked up COD:AW, I realized how much I wasn't into it.

Sucks because I really liked COD, but it's just to stale now.

* I'd come back to COD for WW2 era game or something though, but there are just too many other options.

* Activision chased after the Install base.

They did it for the potential money they will earn.

* COD:BO3 will be one of the worst selling COD games ever in the series, because there is just too much high quality competition to compete with.

* Splatoon has even been more fun for me than COD:AW, and I was somewhat skeptical about it.\

What I can say is that COD:AW was probably the least amount of fun I had with a COD game ever......

^ That means something...that counts for something.

And When you add that to the fact that I still love shooters, it means I'm not sick of the genre, but I'm sick of the way COD games are made within the genre.

* The best part is I won't feel forced into buying a COD game like in the past when you had like 2 options for a shooter.

* I have choice and freedom now and I choose NOT to play COD, because nearly every other shooter out there has raised the bar and become more enjoyable games to play.

* I get to play Star Wars Battlefront, Halo5, PvZ:GW2, Splatoon, Rainbow 6, Destiny....Why would I play COD over those?

They offer more...they do something different.

* This would have been a much bigger deal like 4-5 years ago.

COD doesn't matter as much as Activision thinks it does.

* I was never going to get COD on XB1 this year though so this doesn't effect me, but I get how some could be upset.

Unreal011311d ago

I understand what you're saying, but Cod is a great filler for when there are no games out or you want a quick game to pick up and play. Quite happy about this exclusive deal to be honest and it's a very smart business move by Sony, regardless of quality Cod is one of the best selling franchises ever made. Plus Zombies has a huge following so this is great for Sony.

Kribwalker1311d ago

I think I haven't even prestiged the last 3 call of dutys, let alone bought dlc since modern warfare 2. Not enough people buy the DLC so you become alienated and have a way smaller player base or don't get to play new maps you pay for so it doesn't bug me one bit. And the last campaign I finished on COD was black ops 2. So many better games without all the cheaters and campers

iluvmaPS31311d ago

Luckily you don't speak for all of us cod fans. AW was fun and one of the few that was different. Treyarch has always done good games and this one looks impresssive so far. Let's hope rainbow six was better than Vegas 2 lol Destiny is fun but expensive. I'm gonna get battlefront and blops3 but neither of those games will be getting much attention until fallout of next year bahahahaha

-Foxtrot1311d ago

Sony or Microsoft I still rolled my eyes when it came on screen.

guyman1311d ago

Same here. Was a complete yawner.

JoeReno1310d ago

True, and we all know what's coming every November. A new COD at looks alot like last years COD. Cool make the deals, hype it with a unprecedented Sony ad campaign, but keep it out of E3. It hasn't been anything news worthy in a long long time.

Hell, even the most love COD had a 6-7hour campaign. My main reason for never giving a crap about the series.


I sure as hell don't lol ya'll can have it!

TheXgamerLive1311d ago

Its not marketing rights, it's dlc coming out first. No biggie IMHO.