Arkham Knight Trailer Reveals the Ultimate End of the Joker

A new Arkham Knight trailer shows what happened to the Joker after the end of Arkham City and the rise of the Scarecrow's tyranny.

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-Foxtrot1221d ago

Even watching him go up in flames....I still think he's alive and will be revealed at the end of the game. Not as the main bad guy but to show he's still around.

crazychris41241221d ago

He better be dead. Nice to have a break from him in their last game. Let the other baddies shine.

Nitrowolf21221d ago

Here's what i think, and I would totally accept this. I really enjoyed Batman Endgame, that's the new 52 Joker and pretty much how Batman dies in it. Won't spoil it, but I would totally accept it if it turned out to be like that tbh

aquaticDonut1221d ago

The entire time I was staring at his face, waiting for him to open his eyes and say a cheesy joke.

SmielmaN1221d ago

Same here. I was actually saddened when he burned up... My fav villain of all time. It's alright. He will be back in the next batman game by a new developer ;)

linkenski1221d ago

No. He's dead for sure or he's the Arkham Knight.

It clearly used it as a metaphor for Batman losing something because Joker was always sort of a part of Batman and it implies Batman has become vulnerable and this game's story will be quite a struggle for his character.

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PizzaSteve1221d ago

Poor Mr. Joker. He was a great man.

SeanScythe1221d ago

I can't help reading that in Harley's voice. You should have said Mr. J...

AtomHeart6231221d ago

I just hope they get the boss battles right this time. Origins boss battles were so much better than in asylum and city! Also I fear that the bat mobile is gonna ruin the game.

itsjustexuma1221d ago

Sefton Hill, the game director can be seen on 2:15 - 2:18

AstroCyborg1221d ago

this trailer was f'n epic live

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